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  1. 321.
    A method to facilitate the tracing of the source of an event across multiple input channels based on time range, social and physical proximity is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237291D | 2014-Jun-11
  2. 322.
    A method and system for ranking and assisting a user to view different sections of a large image is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237290D | 2014-Jun-11
  3. 323.
    A method for user selected pinning of web browser cache contents is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237289D | 2014-Jun-11
  4. 324.
    A method for utilizing an attribute based approach for assessing ergonomic risks is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237288D | 2014-Jun-11
  5. 325.
    A method for load balancing of power distribution systems is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237287D | 2014-Jun-11
  6. 326.
    Disclosed is a structure and integration method for Titanium silicide (TiSi) for negative Field Effect Transistor (nFET) contacts and Nickel/Platinum (Ni/Pt) positive Field Effect Transistor (pFET) contacts.
    IPCOM000237286D | 2014-Jun-11
  7. 327.
    [0001] At altitudes greater than 1,500 meters above sea level, and more particularly greater than 2000 meters above sea level, humans are affected by the lower oxygen partial pressure in the ambient air. The reduced partial pressure 5 of oxygen at high altitude can cause serious illnesses such as altitude sickness,...
    IPCOM000237285D | 2014-Jun-11
  8. 328.
    IPCOM000237284D | 2014-Jun-11
  9. 329.
    IPCOM000237283D | 2014-Jun-11
  10. 330.
    The Boogie Boardâ„¢ eWriter device continues to develop into a major product of Kent Displays, Inc. Based upon the bistable cholesteric technology, the eWriter is a writing surface in which an image can be drawn with the touch or light pressure of an untethered stylus such as pointed object or even the finger or finger...
    IPCOM000237282D | 2014-Jun-11