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  1. 331.
    In 2011, BASF scientists invented a new technology with the potential to impact markets as diverse as consumer electronics, automotives, medical applications, and the security industry. At the heart of this technology is a new physical effect1, enabled by chemistry developed within BASF. Through a novel distance...
    IPCOM000237281D | 2014-Jun-11
  2. 332.
    A method and system is disclosed for automatic keyword expansion through machine translation. The system automatically expands search keywords for including similar keywords from other languages. The system enables advertisers to reach end users irrespective of the language of keywords or advertisements.
    IPCOM000237280D | 2014-Jun-11
  3. 333.
    A method and system is disclosed for optimizing budget allocation for an advertisement by applying constraint optimization algorithm on an optimization problem associated with the budget allocation. The constraint optimization algorithm considers a set of constraints associated with the optimization problem as a...
    IPCOM000237279D | 2014-Jun-11
  4. 334.
    IPCOM000237278D | 2014-Jun-11
  5. 335.
    IPCOM000237277D | 2014-Jun-11
  6. 336.
    IPCOM000237276D | 2014-Jun-11
  7. 337.
    The invention proposes technique for targeted delivery of an active principal across a blood-brain barrier by a beam in a MRI system. The invention includes two techniques to deliver the active principles in a human body and disrupt the blood brain barrier to allow the active principle to permeate into a brain tissue....
    IPCOM000237275D | 2014-Jun-11
  8. 338.
    Restore are critical process for data management, how to speed up these process become more and more important with the data scale extending repidly, traditional method is using deduplication process or offline restore method, these mothod have some shortages with the speed and cost conflict, based on this...
    IPCOM000237274D | 2014-Jun-11
  9. 339.
    This invention introduced a method generate and manage test cases dynamically based on test points. As we know, one test case consists of test points, if one test point is updated, many test case need to be updated accordingly. Thus it’s time consuming to maintain one test point in many test cases. This...
    IPCOM000237273D | 2014-Jun-11
  10. 340.
    Reports are the main contents with business intelligence (BI) systems. Currently, all BI systems manage the reports using folders and organize them in a hierarchical model. This is the same as how operating systems organize files and folders. However, current simple folder grouping method does not reveal the ...
    IPCOM000237272D | 2014-Jun-11