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    This artical describes a method to prevent external air flow from disrupting cooling system of storage device. Our solution is to add an automatic slot damper at the mouth of a storage enclosure slot which is just like a door of the slot. When pull a disk out of a slot, it can automatically bounce to cover the...
    IPCOM000237593D | 2014-Jun-26
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    Nowadays,peoples are spending more and more times on software systems which are becoming more and more complex. It would be valuable to save user's time by helping them to locate the functions they need. This article shows a method on helping user to find the functions they need more quicly by mark them using...
    IPCOM000237592D | 2014-Jun-26
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    This idea is to provide a way for user to locate popular topics in a hotspot map, which is based on the ratings, comments, visiting history, searching keyword, and etc.
    IPCOM000237591D | 2014-Jun-26
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    Controlling circulation loss of drilling fluid during well construction is more than just selecting the proper type of lost circulation material (LCM). A fully engineered approach is required. This approach incorporates borehole stability analysis, equivalent circulating density (ECD) modeling, leak-off flow-path...
    IPCOM000237590D | 2014-Jun-25
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    This paper introduces a novel concept related to Distributed Acoustic Sensing wherein both intensity and phase based measurements from a sensor fiber are made simultaneously. This technique contributes to enhanced spatial resolution, reduced data interpretation errors, and increased application flexibility,...
    IPCOM000237589D | 2014-Jun-25
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    The proposed innovation entails sharing an antenna array between two cellular modems, each supporting Diversity or Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antennas. The proposal utilizes, in one embodiment, miniature, surface-mount splitters, along with low-cost U.FL cabling or printed-circuit board (PCB) traces for...
    IPCOM000237588D | 2014-Jun-25
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    The search for oil and gas is being pushed to extreme environments as global demand for energy continues to rise. The decline in availability of easy reservoirs has led the operators to drill more challenging unconventional wells with higher depth, temperature and pressure. This poses new challenges for drilling and...
    IPCOM000237587D | 2014-Jun-25
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    IPCOM000237586D | 2014-Jun-25
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    The best operating condition for a land seismic sensor, in order to minimize ambient noise pick-up and to optimize the coupling with the soil, is to be buried below the surface. Burying the sensor unit is routinely done on cabled systems, the cable coming out of the ground between adjacent sensors being used to...
    IPCOM000237585D | 2014-Jun-25
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    [This is a pending patent application, which will be cross-posted at] A DUV scanned-spot-array lithography system comprises an array of phase-Fresnel microlenses, which focus multiple radiation beams through intermediate foci at the object surface of a projection system. The intermediate foci are...
    IPCOM000237578D | 2014-Jun-25