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    With the fast evolution of handheld devices especially smart mobile phones, the shorter batery standby time is becoming a real headache for everyone. Due to the technique or hardward limits, it is not easy to lengthen the time using traditional methods or technology. It is found that, for lots of cases, users do...
    IPCOM000237577D | 2014-Jun-25
  2. 52.
    In a resource shared system, several members share disk - pages are shared between multiple members. Sharing also means contention, those pages those are modified by multiple members frequently become "hot". For example, in the high concurrent OLAP workload, new rows are added to a table, then the last page...
    IPCOM000237576D | 2014-Jun-25
  3. 53.
    Methods and systems are presented for lightweight update of mobile hybrid application web content without the need to resubmit the application to the public application stores and go through the approval process (subject to vendor?s terms of service). This method includes the utilization of the IBM Worklight...
    IPCOM000237575D | 2014-Jun-25
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    In a multi-device environment, a sync control center is setup to monitor the folders sync/backup between devices. When change happens on these folders, possible sync/backup operation is analyzed to build up statistical information over involved folders. Such information is then used for high efficient...
    IPCOM000237574D | 2014-Jun-25
  5. 55.
    The complication of solving geographic problems on a spherical model, as well as the distortion that is induced when projecting the data onto the plane for simpler computation makes the development of geographic software very challenging and error prone. As any projection introduce error in the data, interpolating...
    IPCOM000237573D | 2014-Jun-25
  6. 56.
    This publication describes a system that automatically runs suites of tests for a number of combinations of configuration and system variations (dimensions). The system reports the test results, tagged with the combination of dimensions, and allows visual organisation and comparison of the results for sub-sets of the...
    IPCOM000237572D | 2014-Jun-25
  7. 57.
    A description of a system that enables comprehensive, end-to-end operational monitoring and management of wastewater treatment plants, plant based on the following main principles: 1) Data consolidation and cleansing: Combining all of the data sources relevant to the operations of the plant onto a unified...
    IPCOM000237571D | 2014-Jun-25
  8. 58.
    A common situation in combinatorial models is one in which a model consists of several sub-models, combined into one. When combining such models, it is often the case that one wishes to separately compute Combinatorial Test Design (CTD) test suitesfor some of the sub-models, and use that result for the test suite...
    IPCOM000237570D | 2014-Jun-25
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    This article describes how a floating car approach can be used for determining available parking places for cars. It uses a novel approach which requires lesss infrastructure that other methods. It also supports guiding drivers to the available slot through the use of the same technology.
    IPCOM000237569D | 2014-Jun-25
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    The customer/field is provided a means to associate a voted subsite (inbound audio) to a zero, one, or many transmit subsites as part of configuring the comparator product which functions as the voter and simulcast controller. Additionally, the customer/field may associate a group of transmitters to console commands...
    IPCOM000237568D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jun-24