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  1. 71.
    Disclosed is a method for distributing the data on nodes according to a regression tree structure. The data prepared in this manner may be used by e.g. Netezza’s Bulk Linear Models in order to build parallelly a large number of linear models in an efficient way.
    IPCOM000237557D | 2014-Jun-24
  2. 72.
    The magnetic device is useful for enhancing sleep, enhancing fertility and destroying adipose tissues. It comprises an insulating belt and several flat antennas emitting an oriented magnetic field. The antennas can be rectangular or have any other form (triangle, circle). For example, the antenna is made of a...
    IPCOM000237556D | 2014-Jun-24
  3. 73.
    Disclosed is a system that enables spinning up of the HDD motor without intervention from SoC, resulting in reduction of spin-up time and reduction of peak power current. Spin up time reduction and of peak supply current mitigation are the trade off. By disabling switching regulator including all R/W channel and...
    IPCOM000237555D | 2014-Jun-24
  4. 74.
    Disclosed is a PZT(piezoelectric actuator) that has internal electrode structure solving ion migration issue. Even in high temperature and high humidity condition, new internal electrode structure can solve ion migration issue and can have enough stroke.
    IPCOM000237554D | 2014-Jun-24
  5. 75.
    Disclosed is a Carriage Coil Wire winding structure design for high mechanical resonance. Narrow clearance between carriage coil and coil support arm of comb is effective to be high mechanical resonance but difficult to put adhesive between them. This invention is proposed a carriage coil wire winding structure design...
    IPCOM000237552D | 2014-Jun-24
  6. 76.
    Disclosed is a thinner HDD VCM lower yoke and base design for VCM seal sticking capability improvement. By overlap the part of VCM lower yoke and base, base sticking margin for VCM seal could be expanded and the sealing condition would be improved.
    IPCOM000237551D | 2014-Jun-24
  7. 77.
    Disclosed is a Pivot assembly design of Hard Disk Drive. For coil torsion mode improvement, It is desirable that center of two bearings is same level with center of voice motor coil or center of disks. But in thin HDD cases, this is difficult for size restriction. Using appropriate two type bearings, pivot rotation...
    IPCOM000237550D | 2014-Jun-24
  8. 78.
    The present invention is the structure of microactuator suspension which improves the shock robustness of non-operating condition. It is the Suspension structure equipped with the polyimide bumper so that the slider might not contact PZT(piezoelectric actuator).
    IPCOM000237549D | 2014-Jun-24
  9. 79.
    IPCOM000237548D | 2014-Jun-23
  10. 80.
    Rather than running a line to surface as a common close for multiple zones controlled by down-hole hydraulic valves which utilize an open and a close line to shift the valve, the close line could be tied to the annulus pressure above the production packer via a specialized piston to achieve the desired pressure in the...
    IPCOM000237547D | 2014-Jun-23