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    Innovators come up with cool ideas to work on but they spend more time in developing Web Services (APIs) and setting up the source code repository and Jenkins servers for building the application to prototype/productize the idea. This need to be changed and need a solution to accelerate the innovation by providing a...
    IPCOM000238085D | 2014-Jul-31
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    Techniques for voice interaction between applications on a mobile device and an off-device voice interaction platform are disclosed. A Voice Interaction API can be used to establish a trust relationship between the voice interaction platform (that a user interacts with through their voice) and an application operating...
    IPCOM000238084D | 2014-Jul-31
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    Techniques for efficiently path clipping anti-aliased content are provided. These techniques can be used for static and animated graphical applications, such as graphical user interfaces (UIs). Desired content is first drawn to a window. Then, an anti-aliased border can be drawn on the desired content, for example,...
    IPCOM000238083D | 2014-Jul-31
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    Techniques for reducing overdraw for blended opaque, partially transparent, and transparent user interface (UI) components are disclosed. First, opaque portions of a blended UI component are drawn into both (i) a color buffer; .e.g., a display, display buffer, video memory, video buffer; and (ii) a depth buffer;...
    IPCOM000238082D | 2014-Jul-31
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    A memory validation test environment that uses the underlying cache architecture for all caches in the memory subsystem hierarchy of a microprocessor system is presented. Tests are run from the main microprocessor(s) and use an algorithm for driving controlled data traffic on the local bus as well as the...
    IPCOM000238081D | 2014-Jul-31
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    An Engineering Change Order (ECO) base cell is designed with some of its applications. The cell has one NMOS, one PMOS, one feed through path, two power supply lines and some metal connection lines. The metal lines can be configured to form different functional cells.
    IPCOM000238080D | 2014-Jul-31
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    A lead frame based semiconductor package and method of manufacturing are disclosed. The lead frame has a window type exposed paddle. An embedded substrate interposer serves as a die attach platform. A first silicon die is electrically connected to inner leads of the lead frame and to bonding fingers of the...
    IPCOM000238079D | 2014-Jul-31
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    This document describes a method of manufacturing fine pitch vias that can later be placed into a microelectronics package to form a series of electrical connections through the body of a microelectronics package. These fine pitch via arrays can replace existing processing technologies for Through Package Vias (TPV’s)...
    IPCOM000238078D | 2014-Jul-31
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    Current heat sink attachment methods of a heat sink to a flip chip plastic ball grid array (FCPBGA) package require at attachment method that is supported by the motherboard, or use of an adhesive thermal interface material (TIM) to adhere the heat sink directly to package. This disclosure proposed a new novel heat...
    IPCOM000238077D | 2014-Jul-31
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    Described is a method of monitoring critical circuit parameters for "end-of-life" performance impacts and providing feedback control to compensate for the resulting performance degradations as the device ages. Monitored critical circuit parameters such as current, delay, device voltage, or threshold are compared...
    IPCOM000238076D | 2014-Jul-31