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    Disclosed is a source code review method that leverages a new type of source code annotation in unique combination with source code change history analysis to identify a set of developers who have been involved with a given segment of a source code file. The approach is recursive, following referencing code segments...
    IPCOM000237988D | 2014-Jul-24
  2. 92.
    IPCOM000237987D | 2014-Jul-24
  3. 93.
    A method and system is disclosed for listening to a conversation during a call initiated by a caller to identify one or more keywords and creating one or more action items based on the one or more keywords. The method and system includes implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify the one or more...
    IPCOM000237986D | 2014-Jul-24
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    IPCOM000237985D | 2014-Jul-24
  5. 95.
    IPCOM000237984D | 2014-Jul-24
  6. 96.
    IPCOM000237983D | 2014-Jul-24
  7. 97.
    IPCOM000237982D | 2014-Jul-24
  8. 98.
    IPCOM000237981D | 2014-Jul-24
  9. 99.
    An adhesive transparent film, graduated in two dimensions, can be used to facilitate the quality control of an item having to be assembled. This film, bonded on the item before it is bored, allows to check easily that the position of the holes is correct and to measure easily the position of a defect.
    IPCOM000237980D | 2014-Jul-24
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    Silver plated surfaces are used in electrical connections of high current applications in order to achieve low contact resistance. Yet, conventional silver-plating has drawbacks especially for bigger parts. In order to use silver plating for larger parts, such as elongated conductors, components of high voltage...
    IPCOM000237979D | 2014-Jul-24