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  1. 101.
    The Core idea of this disclosure is to facilitate electronic document reader easily to point out the parts of a document that the reader has previously read. Which helps reader save some time going through the document and trying to memorize which page and paragraph reader has lastly read. Also with a feature of...
    IPCOM000237978D | 2014-Jul-24
  2. 102.
    A method and system is disclosed for utilizing an efficient framework to retrieve related queries. The method and system utilizes a vanilla Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH) to retrieve the related queries.
    IPCOM000237977D | 2014-Jul-24
  3. 103.
    Described below in Figure 1 is a tool that will allow the deposit of a can style lock extending the entire length of flow tube and flapper house to prevent flapper from closing after an unsuccessful attempt to close an immovable flowtube or partially open flapper. The tool would work in the same matter as any...
    IPCOM000237976D | 2014-Jul-23
  4. 104.
    To shorten the time and reduce the cost for downhole tool activation, this invention discloses a simple and enabling technology combining the advantages of wireless signal transmission and rupture membrane technology. The rupture wireless activation device consists of two major components: outer housing with rupture...
    IPCOM000237975D | 2014-Jul-23
  5. 105.
    This article deals with a method to define and apply sound policies in shared environment guaranteing each user to be compliant to common defined rules.
    IPCOM000237974D | 2014-Jul-23
  6. 106.
    Method and systems for a context awareness organizer which improves the way how the meeting are arranged between people using a collaboration application on their mobile devices. The improvement consists in taking into account the proximity of people to help planing for physical meetings betwen them.
    IPCOM000237973D | 2014-Jul-23
  7. 107.
    Methods and systems for data protection on mobile devices using existing sockets
    IPCOM000237972D | 2014-Jul-23
  8. 108.
    This article deals with a method to manage unexpected termination of calls providing a reliable solution to restore interrupted communication.
    IPCOM000237971D | 2014-Jul-23
  9. 109.
    DRAs (Diameter Routing Agents) are required to ensure that Gx and Rx data for a subscriber session is handled by the same PCRF site when multiple geo-redundant sites are available. The present disclosure describes methods and systems to eliminate DRAs while continuing to correctly route Gx and Rx data. The PCRF sites...
    IPCOM000237970D | 2014-Jul-23
  10. 110.
    For most high-end wrist strap and shoe testers, test results are available at the test result's LED in front of the tester, and also at the EXTERNAL OUTPUT connector. An exemplary wrist strap and shoe tester for electrostatic control uses an open collector output that can connect to a sequencer or relay to open and...
    IPCOM000237969D | 2014-Jul-23