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  1. 131.
    Disclosed is a method for delayed Distributed Descriptions Logics (DDL) propagation for the implementation of schema changes across multiple servers.
    IPCOM000237944D | 2014-Jul-23
  2. 132.
    Disclosed is a method for constructing a single internal representation corresponding to a XQUERY constructor embedded in a FLWOR expression, based on deferring construction of the single internal representation.
    IPCOM000237943D | 2014-Jul-23
  3. 133.
    A method and system is disclosed for replicating non-database objects.
    IPCOM000237942D | 2014-Jul-23
  4. 134.
    Disclosed is a system that uses a gesture-based Software Development Kit (SDK) and webcam to analyze the user's expression or action in real time and then translate it to a textual or image-based representation or mood identifier. That mood identifier is then shared via the active method of online communication...
    IPCOM000237941D | 2014-Jul-23
  5. 135.
    Normalized for GSA certification.
    IPCOM000237940D | 2014-Jul-22
  6. 136.
    Normalized for GSA certification.
    IPCOM000237939D | 2014-Jul-22
  7. 137.
    Normalized for GSA certification. Added UTF support, void/retract ticket, print 2D barcodes (PDF-417), battery failure and paper in chute notification.
    IPCOM000237938D | 2014-Jul-22
  8. 138.
    Normalized for GSA certification. Added support for exposing bar code and UTF-16 support, UTF ticket validation event.
    IPCOM000237937D | 2014-Jul-22
  9. 139.
    Normalized for GSA certification.
    IPCOM000237936D | 2014-Jul-22
  10. 140.
    Normalized for GSA certification.
    IPCOM000237935D | 2014-Jul-22