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  1. 141.
    Normalized for GSA certification.
    IPCOM000237934D | 2014-Jul-22
  2. 142.
    Adds protocol for media window and interface management.
    IPCOM000237933D | 2014-Jul-22
  3. 143.
    The GSA Package Manifest File Format is designed to allow any manufacturer's package files to be imported into an SMP (System Management Point) in a common and consistent way. The manifest contains the information necessary for an SMP to download a package to an end-point, such as an EGM, and install it.
    IPCOM000237932D | 2014-Jul-22
  4. 144.
    Disclosed is a method that achieves features as small as 10 nm using standard radiation tools such as deep ultra-violet (UV) light or electron beam radiation during large-scale Carbon Nanotube (CNT) integration. The novel component is to use a photosensitive benzyloxypyridinium self-assembled monolayer for the...
    IPCOM000237931D | 2014-Jul-22
  5. 145.
    Disclosed is a technique to implement a high mobility channel into the fin first wire last process. This boosts performance.
    IPCOM000237930D | 2014-Jul-22
  6. 146.
    A method and system is disclosed for suggesting alternate phrases to users during a communication between a plurality of users. The method and system includes monitoring the communication between the plurality of users in order to identify phrases that may create communication barriers between the plurality of...
    IPCOM000237929D | 2014-Jul-22
  7. 147.
    During the course of typical multilateral drilling operations, the whipstock would be landed in the latch coupling to provide a means for drilling the lateral leg at a particular depth in a particular direction. A window would then be milled in the casing to provide lateral access. Next, the directional drilling...
    IPCOM000237928D | 2014-Jul-22
  8. 148.
    The invention proposes a Cerium doped rare earth garnet with improved gamma ray stopping power compared to conventional rare earth garnets. The garnet has a potential to be used as a scintillator material for positron emission tomography (PET). The material consists of cerium doped Ca2LuHf2Al3O12.
    IPCOM000237927D | 2014-Jul-22
  9. 149.
    Relating to cochlear implant (CI) fitting (or the electrical part of an electro-acoustic system), disclosed is an improved method for setting comfort and threshold levels. This idea enables continuous stimulation while levels are adjusted, regardless of the methodology used.
    IPCOM000237926D | 2014-Jul-22
  10. 150.
    IPCOM000237925D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jul-22