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  1. 151.
    A design is needed for a miniaturized waterproof connector for use within an electronics device, such as a headset for a cochlear implant system or a hearing aid. The novel contribution is a design for a miniaturised waterproof connector to use within an electronics device, such as a headset for a cochlear implant...
    IPCOM000237924D | 2014-Jul-22
  2. 152.
    Parking management systems are being proposed that provide real-time parking occupancy data to drivers to reduce fuel consumption and traffic congestion. In the context of parking stall occupancy determination; there are various levels of performance metrics that need to be met depending on the applications: total #...
    IPCOM000237923D | 2014-Jul-21
  3. 153.
    Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems are evaluated using various criteria, three of which are yield, accuracy, and execution time per image. Higher yield and accuracy are desired in order to minimize the number of images that are sent for human review but this often comes at the cost of higher execution...
    IPCOM000237922D | 2014-Jul-21
  4. 154.
    Color space transformation using tetrahedral interpolation is one of the more computationally expensive functions in the color image path for digital copiers and Multifunction Devices (MFD’s). In a software based image path, it is desirable to speed up the color space transformation function to improve the system...
    IPCOM000237921D | 2014-Jul-21
  5. 155.
    A method and system is disclosed for passing messages in a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) environment.
    IPCOM000237920D | 2014-Jul-21
  6. 156.
    The need to carry dedicated I/O PACKS to support different types of I/O types is circumvented by an innovative design of Universal I/O which allows different I/O types to be used with a single I/O pack. The invention is based on the features of a single chip analog front end (AFE) ICs from Texas Instruments (TI) and...
    IPCOM000237919D | 2014-Jul-21
  7. 157.
    The present invention proposes a technique for using terminal boards, dedicated for a particular input IO type, with a universal input IO module. The terminal boards are either with simplex, dual or triple redundancy with fanned input. The input IO type includes 4-20 milliampere (mA) input, thermocouple, resistance...
    IPCOM000237918D | 2014-Jul-21
  8. 158.
    This document describes a method for proactively discovering if binary software is vulnerable by first detecting which files were used to build a binary and by then combining it with information about security bugs extracted from source code.
    IPCOM000237917D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jul-21
  9. 159.
    In multicore embedded systems it is often desired to have a way to implement a barrier concept for execution synchronization at platform level. This will assure that cores will start execution (approx) in the same time. The challenge is to minimize the skew time between start execution of the cores.
    IPCOM000237916D | 2014-Jul-21
  10. 160.
    In failure analysis, there are increasingly more cases where the semiconductor die needs to be repackaged into a secondary package for electrical fault isolation. When a product is originally bonded using copper wire bonds, the repackaging process removes all traces of the wire. The remaining aluminum on the bond...
    IPCOM000237915D | 2014-Jul-21