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  1. 161.
    Disclosed is a pulley which is attached to a cover intended to be placed on a container in which a large amount of wire is stored. The cover is in particular part of a so-called 24/7 system which allows to automatically switch from a wire supply contained in a first container to the wire supply containing in a second...
    IPCOM000237914D | 2014-Jul-21
  2. 162.
    Polymerization inhibitors are disclosed for use in the production of esters via the reaction of aldehydes with alcohols and oxygen utilizing a palladium-containing catalyst.
    IPCOM000237913D | 2014-Jul-21
  3. 163.
    IPCOM000237912D | 2014-Jul-21
  4. 164.
    Disclosed is a method and system for injecting content during a dynamic loading to keep a user occupied in the timeslot when an initial content is being loaded. The method and system provides a mechanism to show interesting questions, content, or advertisement to a user in order to utilize a waiting time for a...
    IPCOM000237911D | 2014-Jul-21
  5. 165.
    A method to maintain discussion threads in email communication.
    IPCOM000237910D | 2014-Jul-21
  6. 166.
    This disclosure improves the stability of the plug detect of hot plugging components by synchronizing the plug detect with the components reset instead of using a pure voltage level driven approach.
    IPCOM000237909D | 2014-Jul-21
  7. 167.
    In order to optimize power budget allocation in the data center, it is important to determine the worst case power consumption (maximum potential power consumption) for each system, which is typically not not the same as specified by the power supply. This document describes how to determine a more exact approximation...
    IPCOM000237908D | 2014-Jul-21
  8. 168.
    ABB’s TPU is a smart user interface, which targets to supply nice usability and reliable safety for user operation. Especially, ABB’s 3D joystick supplies a relative easy way to control robot in different degrees of freedom. However, it is quite expensive, and user still needs to find the button to switch degrees...
    IPCOM000237907D | 2014-Jul-21
  9. 169.
    Disclosed is a cross social networks relationships management to automatically manage the relationships between the user and all of his/her contacts across multiple social networks. When there is any change in the relationship between the user and his/her contacts in any of the social networks, the relationship of...
    IPCOM000237906D | 2014-Jul-19
  10. 170.
    A system and method for a generic, programmable RESTful switch or controller that would interface with ANY REST-based system utilizing representational state transfer ( REST) commands is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237905D | 2014-Jul-19