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  1. 181.
    The concept for a ratcheting distributor valve addresses the need for supporting higher pressure differentials downhole during well testing operations by distributing pressure across multiple packers during well flow, while also preventing tubing to annular communication during initial flow and shut in periods. This...
    IPCOM000237886D | 2014-Jul-17
  2. 182.
    In current generation SoCs/IPs, there are many asynchronous clock domains such that digital pulses/signals often must be transferred from one clock domain to another clock domain. Special logic is needed to handle the data transfer across asynchronous clock domains. The synchronization methods used...
    IPCOM000237885D | 2014-Jul-17
  3. 183.
    SoC (System on Chip) is a popular high-performance, low power and low cost chip. In order to meet tight schedules, many digital, analog and mixed-signal IPs (Intellectual Property) are integrated on an SoC. Verification engineers have to spend a lot time studying the IP functions, even some detailed critical signals...
    IPCOM000237884D | 2014-Jul-17
  4. 184.
    In a wireless power system, the input voltage can as high as up to 20V. An Ultra-High Voltage (UHV) therefore is needed as a power FET of internal LDO to tolerate such high voltage. On the other hand, the input voltage could be as low as 3V to provide for high charger efficiency needed when the battery voltage is...
    IPCOM000237883D | 2014-Jul-17
  5. 185.
    A web application that facilitates creation of a request (a multi-page form) for one or more contracted resources on a fixed-price contract.
    IPCOM000237882D | 2014-Jul-17
  6. 186.
    The performance of a conventional MSE sealing element is enhanced by employing new geometry in the lip spring to increase the contact force between the seal lip and the sealing surface in order to improve gas sealing performance. A conventional Mechanical Spring Energized (MSE) seal consists of, at a minimum, a...
    IPCOM000237881D | 2014-Jul-17
  7. 187.
    Disclosed is an enhancement to user interfaces that show large tables or lists of data records. The enhancement allows user to conveniently filter displayed data to see data records similar to one or many selected data records.
    IPCOM000237880D | 2014-Jul-17
  8. 188.
    Disclosed is a method of transmitting mutual contract approval through a handshake using a smart watch.
    IPCOM000237879D | 2014-Jul-17
  9. 189.
    This publication discloses a method of navigating a long list of items in a user interface in a convenient way by using dynamic labels to recursively step into sublist of currently visible list. Each label represents common prefix of all items in it's sublist. The article discloses an algorithm for choosing such...
    IPCOM000237878D | 2014-Jul-17
  10. 190.
    Disclosed is a system to enable a smart refrigerator to determine whether a liquid or solid item is in need of replenishment. In addition, the smart refrigerator can communicate with a smart pantry to determine whether a user has the ingredients necessary to prepare a recipe that was uploaded to the refrigerator.
    IPCOM000237877D | 2014-Jul-17