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    Race conditions are the cause of subtle functional bugs in multithreaded software systems. Beyond functional problems, race conditions can also potentially lead to security vulnerabilities. In a case of multiple possible interleavings, the decision which of the interleavings to execute is made nondeterministically...
    IPCOM000238065D | 2014-Jul-30
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    Current dynamic analysis tools do not model, as part of the security assessment they produce, the likelihood of exploiting a given problem. This leaves the developer to either organize the remediation process in some ad-hoc way, e.g. based on the types of reported vulnerabilities or manually review the entire ...
    IPCOM000238064D | 2014-Jul-30
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    The crux of this invention is to apply speciazliation of the testing system according to coding trends pertaining to the underlying software system. Intuitively, a piece of code that the developer spent more time and effort on is likely more relevant from a testing standpoint (e.g., reflecting core business logic...
    IPCOM000238063D | 2014-Jul-30
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    In post-silicon functional validation, memory access component generates accesses through out all available virtual memory space. In modern systems virtual memory space is extremely large (at least 48 bits in the current designs). Straightforward allocation of radix translation tables for all available virtual...
    IPCOM000238062D | 2014-Jul-30
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    This document contains a number of updates to PSC [RFC6378]. One provides some rules and recommendations around the use of TLVs in PSC. Three of the updates address issues #2, #7, and #8 as identified in the ITU's liaison statement "Recommendation ITU-T G.8131/Y.1382 revision - Linear protection switching for...
    IPCOM000238061D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jul-01
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    1.1. Overview
    IPCOM000238060D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jul-01
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    This document specifies the payload format for packetization of audio data encoded with the Standard apt-X or Enhanced apt-X audio coding algorithms into the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) [RFC3550].
    IPCOM000238059D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jul-01
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    This document represents a republication of PKCS #12 v1.1 from RSA Laboratories' Public Key Cryptography Standard (PKCS) series. By publishing this RFC, change control is transferred to the IETF. RSA and its parent company EMC reserve the right to continue publishing and distributing PKCS #12 v1.1 and its...
    IPCOM000238058D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jul-01
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    The core idea of this invention, which is also the point of novelty, is the idea of residual checking. That is, given an existing series of failed authentication attempts, the idea is to compute a residual authentication challenge to present to the user. This is orthogonal and complementary to both biometrics and...
    IPCOM000238057D | 2014-Jul-30
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    Disclosed is a method to optimize the file transfer performance based on the rules related to time zone or geographic location of the users involved in the file transfer.
    IPCOM000238056D | 2014-Jul-30