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    The present invention relates to a new technique for medium voltage (MV) solid insulated switchgear. This eliminates use of 3P switch. The proposed invention uses a moveable vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) cluster connection with fixed contact to achieve isolated clear distance. VCB cluster can be moved in horizontal...
    IPCOM000238049D | 2014-Jul-29
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    An electrostatic discharge (ESD) simulator is used primarily as a standard reference tool for an ESD sensing device. The ESD sensing device is calibrated relative to the peak voltage waveform emitted by the ESD simulator over a series of distance “D”. The voltage waveform emitted by the ESD simulator is created by...
    IPCOM000238048D | 2014-Jul-29
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    IPCOM000238047D | 2014-Jul-29
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    An archive file is a file that is composed of one or more computer files along with metadata. When the compression or decompression work done, the original/target archive file and the source/target files become isolated and very hard to transfer and secondly distribute. The relationship and the related file...
    IPCOM000238046D | 2014-Jul-29
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    This disclosure is intended to simply the cable management by changing the shape of PDU itself and changing the line cord. The new type of 0U PDU is: 1. Side mounted to the rack, 2. 40U in height, 3. 40*2 power outlets, 2 power outlets per 1U, 4. with 40*2 C19/C13 power line cords, 5. 2 power sources supplied to the...
    IPCOM000238045D | 2014-Jul-29
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    This article present a method and system of making passord more secure, including include text format as part of passord, typing interval as part of password etc. With this, password becomes multi-dimentional which is hard to hack and easy to remember for users.
    IPCOM000238044D | 2014-Jul-29
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    This disclosure presents a method to auto detect the database privileges the database users require when they do some database operations, like executing a batch of database scripts.
    IPCOM000238043D | 2014-Jul-29
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    The number of view is one of the most important indicators in social media statistics, including number of forward and number of comment. These indicators are the base of smart sorting, influence analysis and some other social media analysis. This paper aims to provide a new way to identify if a post has been ...
    IPCOM000238042D | 2014-Jul-29
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    This invention targets to fully reuse the stacking topologies and its technologies in an OpenFlow enabled networking environment, with our invention, the stacking topology is maintained and part of the stacking unique features and the benefits will be inherited when enabling OpenFlow.
    IPCOM000238041D | 2014-Jul-29
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    Sharing videos is an immensely important part of a video­-sharing website’s success. These websites employ many tactics to improve the length of time users view videos and the number of videos users watch. One of the most important strategies to increase these two factors involves social media. When a user sees that a...
    IPCOM000238040D | 2014-Jul-28