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    A method, executed on a processor, for serving enhancing a video with a companion content segment, includes receiving an identity of a video for display; extracting information from the video; creating one or more content elements; dynamically creating the companion content segment from the one or more content...
    IPCOM000238039D | 2014-Jul-28
  2. 42.
    The subject disclosure relates to various assistive technologies that provide accessible modes on computing devices for users with disabilities or impairments. The assistive technologies may include spoken feedback such as synthesized speech and sound effects, voice recognition, face recognition, multi-modal input,...
    IPCOM000238038D | 2014-Jul-28
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    An automatic demonstration mode (hereinafter “auto demo mode”) to operate a consumer electronic device (e.g., when presented on retail store shelves) is provided. When the device is turned on, ownership of a device is detected and a time threshold is introduced based on the ownership status of the device. The...
    IPCOM000238037D | 2014-Jul-28
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    The system generally facilitates the sharing of photos between people. For example, the system uses travel related information to build photo albums that the system might suggest to share with others. Such travel related information may include various information associated with a person’s travels (e.g., calendar...
    IPCOM000238036D | 2014-Jul-28
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    As folks go about their day, traveling to next appointments, working in coffee shops, moving from private to public spaces and vice versa, there is a need at times for more screen privacy. There are physical computer privacy screens which can be installed to limit a display's viewing angle, but the need for less...
    IPCOM000238035D | 2014-Jul-28
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    Disclosed is a scheduling assistant for impromptu meetings that performs as a decentralized peer-to-peer management system and pro-actively seeks the just-in-time availability of invitees, and then presents the availability among the interested parties as requested.
    IPCOM000238034D | 2014-Jul-28
  7. 47.
    Disclosed is a visual component to represent a comprehensive view of multi-modal travel route choices.
    IPCOM000238033D | 2014-Jul-28
  8. 48.
    IPCOM000238032D | 2014-Jul-28
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    The invention proposes a radiofrequency (RF) shield structure that is slotted to prevent or impose high impedance for gradient eddy currents. The slits have no end. As a result, current crowding at the slit end and local hotspots are prevented. All cuts are made in the direction of RF current. Consequently, the RF...
    IPCOM000238031D | 2014-Jul-28
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    The invention includes a technique to reduce E-field in a low-pass (LP) birdcage coil without affecting RF performance and image quality in a MRI system. The technique includes a set of rungs or partial faraday shields (PFSs) running parallel to the rungs of the coil. PFSs are placed inside of the rungs which are few...
    IPCOM000238030D | 2014-Jul-28