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    Disclosed is a method that allows a user to quickly view current calendar entries for a specific day and/or time when that day and/or time is presented as text in the body of a message.
    IPCOM000238509D | 2014-Aug-31
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    Disclosed is a method for utilizing a combination of pre-initialized command objects and pooled data objects to achieve concurrent processing and desired throughput, while avoiding the overhead incurred by the traditional approaches.
    IPCOM000238508D | 2014-Aug-31
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    Disclosed are a method and system to dynamically generate an image that is an aggregate of a representation of a user's environment and an associated subset of nearby individuals, and then use that image as user identification for mobile device communication.
    IPCOM000238507D | 2014-Aug-31
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    Disclosed are methods to manage the negative effects of location-puppetry using a modelling system.
    IPCOM000238506D | 2014-Aug-31
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    A method and system is disclosed for associating emotions with media for improved correlations and recommendations.
    IPCOM000238505D | 2014-Aug-31
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    A method and system is disclosed for determining culturally appropriate naming convention for a contact. The naming convention for the contact is customized according to a custom and culture of the one or more contacts of the user.
    IPCOM000238504D | 2014-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is an adaptive self-configuration method of server child processes. This enables a parent process to monitor the processes and optimize start and stop times, eventually optimizing these times based on server and machine load.
    IPCOM000238503D | 2014-Aug-30
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    A solution is presented herein that replaces multiple LEDs with one LED, and uses numeric codes transmitted over the LEDs by a suitable modulation scheme to replace multiple LEDs and increase the amount of information that can be conveyed. These codes are then read by an application that converts these codes to a...
    IPCOM000238502D | 2014-Aug-29
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    Internet Group Management Protocol v2 (IGMPv2) does not specify the source and receiver to receive traffic from all multicast sources. With the solution presented herein, the last hop router (where the receivers are connected) can select the best multicast source based on administrative distance/metric and lowest...
    IPCOM000238501D | 2014-Aug-29
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    The present invention proposes a technique for scraping or wiping of a gate valve stem. The technique creates a barrier preventing particles from entering into a sensitive seal area. The technique provides functionality in same envelope of series of the gate valve with minimum geometry changes. This is accomplished by...
    IPCOM000238500D | 2014-Aug-29