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    Disclosed is a method to prevent hardware failures due to harsh environments via blister packaging. Through the use of blister packaging, a component can be protected against chemical exposure, moisture penetration, and particulates, while allowing the component to operate normally under air or an inert gas.
    IPCOM000239009D | 2014-Sep-30
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    Described is a method for removing inner board heat using a socketed printed circuit board (PCB) with a mating, highly-conductive heat spreader. Regions of high conductivity within the board would have strategically placed sockets that allow for an external member to be inserted in to it. Such an external member...
    IPCOM000239008D | 2014-Sep-30
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    Power gating is indispensable in present generation multi-core SOCs with high performance and low power requirements to reduce the standby leakage power. In newer technologies and/or newer designs, there could be failures in power gating structure. This will prevent the power gated core from either powering-up or...
    IPCOM000239007D | 2014-Sep-30
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    Packaging pressure sensors is a challenge. The pressure sensor die cannot be entirely covered with the mold compound. There need to be an opening to expose the diaphragm of the pressure sensor die, without which impedes the functionality of the die. There are not many differentiations in the industry on pressure...
    IPCOM000239006D | 2014-Sep-30
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    The paper presents the scheme of designing a custom clock cell. Clocks Cells in the IC Design are the clock registers, latches and the clock gating cells. We provide and discuss a method and scheme to design and use custom clock cells to provide clock pin access in the metal layer desired for clock Routing.
    IPCOM000239005D | 2014-Sep-30
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    Disclosed are methods to limit the devices presented to the user when secure boot is enabled. These methods enable a system to assess whether the boot device has an adequately signed option Read Only Memory (ROM), before showing it as a bootable device.
    IPCOM000239004D | 2014-Sep-30
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    Disclosed is a Power Distribution Units (PDUs) that assists the customer/user in determining the most efficient method for PDU outlet utilization. The PDU measures the current per outlet and voltage drops at various points along the distribution path and then, based on this data, reports to the user an alternate...
    IPCOM000239003D | 2014-Sep-30
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    Disclosed is a system that makes fuel grade recommendations for vehicles based on consumer needs as well as historical data and predicted driving behavior.
    IPCOM000239002D | 2014-Sep-30
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    Disclosed is a die with electrophoretic ink or a liquid crystal display (LCD) on each side that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) communication with a play mat or pinhole button to set the dice to predetermined settings, changing the sides of the die as needed to match the game being played.
    IPCOM000239001D | 2014-Sep-30
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    Disclosed is a predictive advertising method that shows television viewers advertisements based on future locations, as determined by planned travel.
    IPCOM000239000D | 2014-Sep-30