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  1. 91.
    This article introduces a method to differentiate multiple topics from a group chat in an instant message communication system.
    IPCOM000238917D | 2014-Sep-25
  2. 92.
    A method and system for a visual folder explorer is disclosed. The background of the folder explorer has a contextual image and allows for files associated with the image to be displayed.
    IPCOM000238916D | 2014-Sep-24
  3. 93.
    Disclosed is a structure that implements pre-patterned crystalline Silicon (Si), Silicon Germanium (SiGe), or Silicon Carbon (SiC) lines embedded in crystalline oxides (REO) in order to make connections under the device via self-aligned selective epitaxial growth of the connecting vias. Later, remote or direct...
    IPCOM000238915D | 2014-Sep-24
  4. 94.
    IPCOM000238914D | 2014-Sep-24
  5. 95.
    IPCOM000238913D | 2014-Sep-24
  6. 96.
    Smartglasses is a wearable computing device with a transparent display, a head mounted camera, an accelerometer, a cell phone, a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, a microphone, and a rechargeable battery. People use it to track and share daily activities. This article will present a method on how...
    IPCOM000238912D | 2014-Sep-24
  7. 97.
    This paper introduces an oscillation system that has a flexible early startup structure. The design allows microcontroller systems to use the crystal oscillator clock at a very early stage and reduces system re-configuration time.
    IPCOM000238911D | 2014-Sep-24
  8. 98.
    Pogo pins playan important role in digital and analog testing, and need replacing in the socket at fixed periods in real production line. Replacing pogo pin is necessary work. Currently, the main method is using tweezers, but this method has some disadvantages, such as using tweezers may cause pogo pin barrel or tip...
    IPCOM000238910D | 2014-Sep-24
  9. 99.
    Verification at 40nm and below requires complex timing checks, large amounts of memory, and apps to handle design-for-test and low-power considerations. Therefore post-layout simulation constitutes a critical design step for timing closure of a complex SoC. Gate level simulation (GLS) is a step in the design flow...
    IPCOM000238909D | 2014-Sep-24
  10. 100.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing an Application Programming Interface (API) between social networks and calendars either on the cloud or on a Personal Computer (PC) to share availability information of a user on a social network.
    IPCOM000238908D | 2014-Sep-24