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    This idea is based around captchas to prevent bots from imitating humans. It would be used when a user is on a standard screen such as a laptop, and has access to an AR device. When presented with a captcha, the captcha would be split into two halves, one of which is displayed on the standard screen and the other...
    IPCOM000238989D | 2014-Sep-30
  2. 22.
    Ein Sensorbaustein enthält einen Speicher mit einem Satz von Adressen zum Speichern von unterschiedlichen Sensorinformationen unter den Adressen des Satzes. In einem Verfahren zum Authentifizieren des Sensorbausteins wird von zumindest einer Adresse des Satzes ein dort gespeicherter Wert ausgelesen. Abhängig von...
    IPCOM000238988D | 2014-Sep-30
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    In order to solve the problem is getting and transmitting a clear voice using a mic/speaker, in any average crowded area, a lot of research has been done. All previous innovations in this area targeted only on voice cancelation, which in itself is a heuristic technology in nature. Voice cancelation just tries to guess...
    IPCOM000238987D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Sep-30
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    This invention is to mitigate the GAP between software behavior and product document through invention of new system/method to enable automatic/intelligent operation notebook generation accompanying with the testing execution process. The key idea of this invention is to identify instrument points and leverage...
    IPCOM000238986D | 2014-Sep-30
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    We proposed a method to filter the same replying mail automatically, and mark this mail.If some message or email was already read, the embedded message in such message might not need to be read. Necessary time and effort could be saved. The method can be extended from reading message to other actions on contents...
    IPCOM000238985D | 2014-Sep-30
  6. 26.
    This idea disclose one method to delegate the meeting invitation in Email when you are Out Of Office. Claims: 1. Support set a rule in Out-of-Office Notification setup 2. Auto delegate invitation to backup 3. Chair accept a confirmation to manually select backup(the confirmation contains the backup list) 4. Setup a...
    IPCOM000238984D | 2014-Sep-30
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    Disclosed is a predictive model to determine the probability of customers' purchasing from a given supplier via backend business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce integration. The model analyzes firmographic data, organizational buying behavior data, opportunity data, and current eCommerce integration status with a...
    IPCOM000238983D | 2014-Sep-29
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    This publication describes a shunting connector providing two electrical path options, either shunted between rows or individual contact matings, dependent on whether or not an installed PC card is present.
    IPCOM000238982D | 2014-Sep-29
  9. 29.
    This program / method allows users with an electronic device / computer to track and recommend viewing options to reduce eye strain and promote healthy viewing solutions.
    IPCOM000238981D | 2014-Sep-29
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    IPCOM000238980D | 2014-Sep-29