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  1. 31.
    A method and system is disclosed for calculating construction costs of a project in a social business context.
    IPCOM000238979D | 2014-Sep-29
  2. 32.
    Disclosed herein is a process for the purification of biapenem. The purification of biapenem comprises adjusting the pH of a biapenem solution, followed by treatment of the biapenem solution with an antisolvent, and isolation of the biapenem.
    IPCOM000238978D | 2014-Sep-29
  3. 33.
    A system and method to generate user profiles based on question and answer interchange is disclosed.
    IPCOM000238977D | 2014-Sep-29
  4. 34.
    A method to expedite defect resolution via a learning system that leverages expertise of the function owner is disclosed.
    IPCOM000238976D | 2014-Sep-29
  5. 35.
    An adaptive batching algorithm for file transfer and business-to-business (B2B) system based on predictive analysis is disclosed.
    IPCOM000238975D | 2014-Sep-29
  6. 36.
    Analyzing the history of workload execution with the method described, it is possible to upgrade a workload scheduling solution in a safer way so that if there are some bugs in the new version to upgrade they will not completely block current workload execution
    IPCOM000238974D | 2014-Sep-29
  7. 37.
    Method and System to identify people in a building without GPS devices.
    IPCOM000238973D | 2014-Sep-29
  8. 38.
    Personal data should be managed by dedicated 3rd party operators which will take care of all the aspects of personal data management and provides access to those data to all the other operators through a specific mechanism designed to provide security of the data as well as full access to information (according to...
    IPCOM000238972D | 2014-Sep-29
  9. 39.
    Disclosed are a Serviceability Log Analysis component and a Rediscovery Engine to automate the process of searching for a software problem.
    IPCOM000238971D | 2014-Sep-29
  10. 40.
    Disclosed are a method and process for automatically sending Domain Specific Language (DSL) service code, written by the software developer, to the services server from the application. This enables an application developer to build out services in an application during the coding phase, but have the service executed...
    IPCOM000238970D | 2014-Sep-29