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    We proposed a method and apparatus to highlight display of content according to reader's profile. Highlighting is multi-level and based on a specified theme, the points of highlight are dynamically improved according to action of users with highlight. In one embodiment, the method includes detecting that the...
    IPCOM000238969D | 2014-Sep-29
  2. 42.
    A hybrid approach is proposed to resolve scalability and performance issue with big data facing by most records retention management systems.
    IPCOM000238968D | 2014-Sep-29
  3. 43.
    As a mail receiver, we would like to know actions from other receivers of a mail, especially from someone. It helps us to find an important mail in a new way.
    IPCOM000238967D | 2014-Sep-29
  4. 44.
    Disclosed is a method that helps in intimating, hindering photo capture and sharing by unknowing third party cameras
    IPCOM000238966D | 2014-Sep-29
  5. 45.
    Disclosed is a system that facilitates call planning assistance based on recipient inidivuduals social network connect
    IPCOM000238965D | 2014-Sep-29
  6. 46.
    Disclosed is a device embodiment wherein a Smartphone can act as a Smartphone for typical Smartphone functions as well an intelligent device to capture the health-data and perform Health Inteliigence. These functions will be performed by two Operating Systems [OS]; General Purpose OS [GPOS] and RTOS [Real-Time...
    IPCOM000238964D | 2014-Sep-29
  7. 47.
    IPCOM000238963D | 2014-Sep-29
  8. 48.
    In fact, Gartner projected global revenue for cloud computing to reach almost $150 billion by 2014. However, The 2011 market is already approx $68 billion globally. With increase in web technologies and Internet, a proportional increase in Cloud computing technologies has been cited. Cloud computing has been...
    IPCOM000238962D | 2014-Sep-29
  9. 49.
    Profiling code with hardware performance counters on the basis of criteria selectable by user with the help of dynamic tracing framework.
    IPCOM000238961D | 2014-Sep-29
  10. 50.
    Efficient code coverage tool using hardware registers
    IPCOM000238960D | 2014-Sep-29