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    An ECO methodology is described which relies on repurposed GA-fill-compatible non-essential logic gates. This methodology lets designers add more logic for test and debug (instead of GA filler cells), or other "non-essential" function, but such logic can be repurposed for ECOs in specific areas of the design where...
    IPCOM000238959D | 2014-Sep-29
  2. 52.
    Avoidance of monopoly over shared memory buffer resource with respect to quota usage and time.
    IPCOM000238958D | 2014-Sep-29
  3. 53.
    Flood detection mechanism whose time window slides across time to capture flood situations which span across fixed time window boundaries.
    IPCOM000238957D | 2014-Sep-29
  4. 54.
    Process data and corresponding images are generally collected from different locations in the wafer to account for cross wafer variations. Often one needs to manually review the images and make sure that the collected images are acceptable intern of wafer fidelity. For instance, lithography model require around 8...
    IPCOM000238956D | 2014-Sep-29
  5. 55.
    When levelling chromatography columns a spirit-level is normally used. Especially for large columns this method may be difficult and non-exact. To use a small amount of liquid inside the column as an internal spirit-level is the idea.
    IPCOM000238954D | 2014-Sep-26
  6. 56.
    Use a single OCV (oil control valve) solenoid to activate and deactivate the intake and exhaust valves of an engine operating in a dynamic skip fire mode. In engines have direct fuel injection the same circuitry used to drive a fuel injector may be used to drive the OCV solenoid, since a skipped cylinder does not...
    IPCOM000238953D | 2014-Sep-26
  7. 57.
    A secure container system can be used to facilitate secure sessions with a public display. The public display constantly monitors for discoverable mobile devices. Once a mobile device is discovered, the secure container system authenticates the user of the mobile device to initiate a session with the public display....
    IPCOM000238952D | 2014-Sep-26
  8. 58.
    A program is disclosed by which services installed in a user’s device will communicate with the presentation device and automatically capture the information from the presentation device, e.g. which document is being displayed (URL, file name from file server etc) during the point of note taking, and which page is...
    IPCOM000238951D | 2014-Sep-26
  9. 59.
    This invention relates to the flavor and oral care compositions in liquid, spray dried and glassy encapsulations in confectionery, beverages, mouthwash, toothpaste, dental gel, dental sprays, dental powder, that contain cooling agent COMPOUND I (N-(1H-pyrazol-5-yl)-N-(thiophen-2-ylmethyl)-2-(p-tolyloxy)acetamide) to...
    IPCOM000238950D | 2014-Sep-26
  10. 60.
    The present disclosure is related to an array tool for use in Synchronous Combination Milling of material, particularly with metal materials.
    IPCOM000238949D | 2014-Sep-26