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    Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung von Tetrahydrofuran (im Folgenden THF genannt) aus 1,4-Butandiol (im Folgenden BDO genannt) das Verunreinigungen wie 2-(4‘-hydroxybutoxy)-tetrahydrofuran (im Folgenden Acetal genannt) und ggf. weitere Verunreinigungen enthält durch Umsetzung in der Gasphase in...
    IPCOM000239347D | 2014-Oct-31
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    A lot of LWD and MWD tools with azimuthal measurement capabilities have the problem that the position and location of the test is important for the test result and the position and azimuthal sensors have to be calibrated. For example the quality of the Airhang calibration for the Extra Deep Azimuthal Resistivity...
    IPCOM000239346D | 2014-Oct-31
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    Current QFN packages only have IOs on the bottom side. In this paper we present a method of assembling a QFN type package that also has IOs on the package sides.
    IPCOM000239345D | 2014-Oct-31
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    The present invention provides an enzymatic method for reducing the content of hexenuronic acids in a chemical cellulosic pulp and/or improvement of the brightness of cellulosic pulp using haloperoxidase.
    IPCOM000239344D | 2014-Oct-31
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    With increased frequency of operation, SoC are facing signal and power integrity issues. To address this issue, on die decaps are used to smoothen the power lines during circuit switching. These decaps occupy precious silicon area. We propose an implementation in which these decaps are implemented off-die using copper...
    IPCOM000239343D | 2014-Oct-31
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    Determination of a user's preferred computational operation by analysis of user interface interactions and subsequently automatically adjust the operation's priority on access to resources such as CPU time or disk reads and writes.
    IPCOM000239342D | 2014-Oct-31
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    This article describes a technique for automating the identification and analysis of sporadic errors.
    IPCOM000239341D | 2014-Oct-31
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    Abstract A pre-tensioned strut for aircraft with a high aspect ratio is proposed
    IPCOM000239340D | 2014-Oct-31
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    The oil and gas industry demands a diverse set of mechanical and technological capabilities as it has voluminous data from seismic, drilling, completion and production. A technical data mining application platform having built-in methodical tools will aid field engineers in retrieval of relevant information. Such an...
    IPCOM000239335D | 2014-Oct-30
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    This invention is to provide a disposable or non-disposable wearable senor which can create a signal to keep the user awake and prevent the user from falling asleep. The device can be a wristband or other wearable sensor, including, but not limited to, those currently on the market. The device can sense that the...
    IPCOM000239334D | 2014-Oct-30