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  1. 101.
    IPCOM000239237D | 2014-Oct-23
  2. 102.
    A method and system is disclosed for reducing response time of emergency personnel by facilitating vehicle to vehicle communication between an emergency personnel and a patient.
    IPCOM000239236D | 2014-Oct-23
  3. 103.
    Disclosed is a wireless wearable device, such as a bracelet, that provides travelers/passengers with airport navigation, travel process, and schedule assistance. A backend system uses scanners in conjunction with wifi, Radio Frequency (RF) or Bluetooth readers to gather and transmit information to the user to ensure...
    IPCOM000239235D | 2014-Oct-23
  4. 104.
    Disclosed is a system to capture cellular broadcasts and record the unique identifiers (IDs) of mobile devices when a significant event occurs. Investigators can then obtain the IDs, identify the device user or owner, and possibly identify a witness to the event and gather information.
    IPCOM000239234D | 2014-Oct-23
  5. 105.
    Disclosed are a method to use induction as a mechanism for moving a directional microphone and a mechanism to determine the sound source. This source seeking directional microphone is appropriate for inclusion in miniature applications.
    IPCOM000239233D | 2014-Oct-23
  6. 106.
    FNE only broadcasts call activity information on control channel, not allocates voice channel, if there is no subscriber is affiliated on current site. Subscriber affiliates to an active talk group in its scan list when receives call active message. Subscriber affiliates to home talk group after scanned talk group...
    IPCOM000239232D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-23
  7. 107.
    A fixed abrasive lapping pad, having diamond agglomerate as the abrasive particle was used to lap C-plane sapphire wafers. A coolant was used that contained platelet calcined alumina, silicon carbide, or boron carbide particles as conditioning particles to condition or dress the fixed abrasive during the lapping...
    IPCOM000239231D | 2014-Oct-22
  8. 108.
    1) Capacitive and also projected capacitive touch screens detect user touch by change in capacitance. 2) Wearable signal generator is used. Electric signal fades while is passing through the user body. Different distances from the signal generators placement to the fingertips provide different path losses. Electric...
    IPCOM000239230D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-22
  9. 109.
    There are various hardware and software sensors present on Smartphone. These sensors could be very useful if combined with the solution like locationing. Idea proposes to use available sensor on Smartphone to optimize the scan and location update interval to save client battery. Many use case could be derived like...
    IPCOM000239229D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-22
  10. 110.
    An electrochemical device includes one or more positive electrodes and one or more negative electrodes. The electrochemical device includes a reference electrode having an active medium on a porous substrate. The active medium includes one or more active materials. The porous substrate in the reference electrode...
    IPCOM000239228D | 2014-Oct-22