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  1. 121.
    A paste-copy system can be used to perform conventional copy and paste operations in a reverse manner. The paste-copy system receives a paste command at a location in a first application. The system then provides the user with a list of applications from where data or text can be copied. The system receives a...
    IPCOM000239217D | 2014-Oct-21
  2. 122.
    Conventionally, web browsers rely on the central processing unit (CPU) to render  content of the webpage. However, as graphics processing units (GPUs) are becoming an  integral part of everyday computing devices such as smartphones, tablet computing  devices, notebooks and laptops, the graphics­rich media, such as 3D graphics and video,  are playing an increasingly important role in the user's web experience. One way to  increase speed and efficiency of rendering graphics­rich media on a computing device is  for a GPU to process the content.   For example, processing graphics content on a GPU eliminates expensive and slow copies of  large amounts of data to and from system memory. Additionally, a GPU achieves a superior  performance in processing complex 3D graphics and video as it is adept at handling complex  mathematical computations that are common in 3D graphics and video manipulation, in parallel. 
    IPCOM000239216D | 2014-Oct-21
  3. 123.
    Conventionally, web browsers rely on the central processing unit (CPU) to render content of the webpage. However, as graphics processing units (GPUs) are becoming an integral part of everyday computing devices such as smartphones, tablet computing devices, notebooks and laptops, the graphics­rich media, such as 3D...
    IPCOM000239215D | 2014-Oct-21
  4. 124.
    A common pattern in Silk content is to program a transform (and maybe an opacity) into a composited layer every frame. Currently, when content programs a transform, we think that any style­related information might have changed, which means we recompute scrolling, clipping, masking, filtering, and many other...
    IPCOM000239214D | 2014-Oct-21
  5. 125.
    Disclosed is a system for regulating power consumption on power sockets using a decentralized management method.
    IPCOM000239213D | 2014-Oct-21
  6. 126.
    Described is an invention that will dynamically alert and check for hardware and configuration rule updates prior to general releasing the order to the field
    IPCOM000239212D | 2014-Oct-21
  7. 127.
    The present invention proposes a technique to generate model of clinical guidelines in healthcare. The technique includes a clinical guidelines utilized as an input to natural language processing module which build-up ontology. Ontology generates necessary dictionary and text rules. Based on the text rules and...
    IPCOM000239211D | 2014-Oct-21
  8. 128.
    IPCOM000239210D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-21
  9. 129.
    The idea is a method of optimization RF resources utilization in LTE and LMR Networks having paired/converged devices (used by the same User) and involved in the same PTT call. The method allows to determine the best (optimal as per resource consumption) route path for the PTT call to be delivered to the User. Also...
    IPCOM000239209D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-20
  10. 130.
    This document describes a simple code clone detection method that extracts string constants and other idenfitiers (function names, method names, variable names, etc.) from source code and compares these identifiers to a knowledgebase with identifiers extracted from publicly available open source software with the aim...
    IPCOM000239208D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-20