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  1. 171.
    The present invention is a severe water environment resistant composite using a hydrolysis resistant thermosetting matrix resin composition and an alkali resistant structural reinforcement fiber system characterized by reduced degradation in severe water environments especially at high pH or high temperature. ...
    IPCOM000239166D | 2014-Oct-17
  2. 172.
    Novel select epoxy resin compositions and novel select modifier containing epoxy resin compositions that provide exceptional epoxy polymer mechanical properties, and prepregs, resins, adhesives, films and composites formed therefrom are discussed. The novel select epoxy resin compositions comprise select epoxy...
    IPCOM000239165D | 2014-Oct-17
  3. 173.
    The present invention is a hindered thermosetting bismaleimide and a hindered cyanate resin composition. The compositions with hindered bismaleimide monomer may include substantially aromatic alkenyl bismaleimide comonomers. The hindered thermosetting resin compositions when cured into parts are characterized by...
    IPCOM000239164D | 2014-Oct-17
  4. 174.
    IPCOM000239163D | 2014-Oct-17
  5. 175.
    People frequently multi-task when they participate in real-time electronic (e.g. text or audio) communication with other people. To maximize handling-efficiency for example, a customer support person might simultaneously engage in multiple text-chat sessions with multiple customers. In a case where the...
    IPCOM000239162D | 2014-Oct-17
  6. 176.
    Silicone acrylates have been used in the personal care market for several years. These materials are based on a polyacrylate backbone having dendritic silicone side chains and have been used in a variety of applications, although most successful in color cosmetics and skin care. This research disclosure covers a...
    IPCOM000239161D | 2014-Oct-17
  7. 177.
    Today, it is very difficult to understand the full capability of a specified Cloud. Even more, it is difficult for an application to determine if the cloud can Scale-Up or Scale-Out and if its workload will be well managed then. The main idea of my solution is to define new measurements and metrics and provide a...
    IPCOM000239160D | 2014-Oct-17
  8. 178.
    The invention proposes a technique for cache invalidation to reflect recent changes on any of an interrelated entity in an industrial internet environment. The technique can be implemented in GE’s Predix ™ platform for caching of policy decisions, entitlements and subject attributed. The Predix ™ platform supports a...
    IPCOM000239159D | 2014-Oct-17
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    IPCOM000239155D | 2014-Oct-17
  10. 180.
    Please refer to the attached slides.
    IPCOM000239154D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-17