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  1. 181.
    This invention presents a different way of being able to repeatedly lock out and open a Fluid Loss Control Valve or any mechanically operated tool. The invention consists of the following items: 1. An actuating member that is able to interface with a mechanically operated tool. 2. A piston that is able to push...
    IPCOM000239153D | 2014-Oct-16
  2. 182.
    IPCOM000239152D | 2014-Oct-16
  3. 183.
    A vehicle service system incorporating at least one data acquisition element configured to acquire, during the course of a service procedure, diagnostic data associated with either an operator, a vehicle, a vehicle wheel assembly undergoing a service procedure, or a component tool of the service system disposed to...
    IPCOM000239151D | 2014-Oct-16
  4. 184.
    During laparoscopic surgery, the need often arises for the insertion of additional ancillary devices to accomplish a surgical task or to intervene on an intra-operative issue. It is preferred not to access the body cavity for the insertion of these devices with another trocar puncture to minimize patient pain and...
    IPCOM000239150D | 2014-Oct-16
  5. 185.
    IPCOM000239149D | 2014-Oct-16
  6. 186.
    IPCOM000239148D | 2014-Oct-16
  7. 187.
    A system and method for estimating resource consumption and optimizing resource levels is disclosed.
    IPCOM000239147D | 2014-Oct-16
  8. 188.
    TDisclosed is a method to achieve inheritance for both simple parent-child “is-a” related tables and more complex self-referencing table schemas by integrating functionality inherent in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs).
    IPCOM000239146D | 2014-Oct-16
  9. 189.
    Disclosed is a user interface (UI) feature that, when a user object (e.g., buttons, links, radio buttons, etc.) is highlighted with the keyboard focus indicator, also highlights the previous and next focusable elements. This allows the user to see at any time the objects behind and ahead of the current position in...
    IPCOM000239145D | 2014-Oct-16
  10. 190.
    Disclosed is a method to validate disk use to ensure accuracy of incremental builds. The novel idea is to validate at build time that only known locations are used when building, and if any unexpected files are used, then take appropriate action.
    IPCOM000239144D | 2014-Oct-16