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  1. 191.
    Disclosed is a method to use a dynamically changing traffic factor for dynamic management of cache eviction in a multitenant environment. The traffic factor is adjusted based on the system resource consumption, and allows providers to provide more effective caching to the important tenants while effectively using...
    IPCOM000239143D | 2014-Oct-16
  2. 192.
    Disclosed is a method for limiting save and restore of callee-saved registers that includes a new approach to shrink-wrapping.
    IPCOM000239142D | 2014-Oct-16
  3. 193.
    Environment control systems use compressed and cooled air from bleed air systems to feed pressurized and conditioned air to the passenger cabin and cockpit. The problem associated with the existing bleed air systems is that they utilize excess pressure energy to provide the required pressure and flow to the...
    IPCOM000239141D | 2014-Oct-16
  4. 194.
    The Sand Crown Frac Pack Sleeve is a three-stage sliding sleeve system. The starting position is closed, the second position is open to frac, and the third position is open to produce through a sand screen. It is designed for multi-zone single trip stimulation in formations requiring both fracture stimulation and sand...
    IPCOM000239140D | 2014-Oct-15
  5. 195.
    Milled flats on a tube will create the space to where the manufactured spring detents will reside. These spring detents can be made to provide very high loads. This arrangement could be designed in many different ways. Rows, staggered, etc…
    IPCOM000239139D | 2014-Oct-15
  6. 196.
    Wrap on pipe screen jacket manufactured over perforated base pipe or valve bodies causes jacket manufacturing and collapse issues due to the lack of rib wire support on the wrap id (base pipe/valve body od). The wrap cools after welding and collapses the rib at the perforation, and during screen collapse conditions in...
    IPCOM000239138D | 2014-Oct-15
  7. 197.
    IPCOM000239137D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-15
  8. 198.
    This article describes an approach of automatically identifying a conference attendee using UIIC codes (" Unique Invitee Identification code"). It also describes how a conference host retrieves an attendee's information if the attendee dials into the conference using UIIC code.
    IPCOM000239136D | 2014-Oct-14
  9. 199.
    Apparatus is disclosed that cost-effectively and saleable enables an application to directly control a multitude of external facilities and their corresponding asynchronous inputs in real time without OS involvement.
    IPCOM000239135D | 2014-Oct-14
  10. 200.
    Disclosed are a system and method to route a help desk caller to an appropriate help desk level based on inference of the caller's skill level using enterprise characteristics (e.g., job title, role) and technical eminence. This help desk navigation construct is called the Skill Inference System (SIS).
    IPCOM000239134D | 2014-Oct-14