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  1. 201.
    The present disclosure relates to improved plunged-based Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) tools.
    IPCOM000239133D | 2014-Oct-14
  2. 202.
    Disclosed is a method for determining resolution status of external issue from a communication client. This allows the user to know whether action is needed based on the status of the endpoint referenced in the email.
    IPCOM000239132D | 2014-Oct-14
  3. 203.
    The transmitter radio shall transmit VT in alternate slot to reserve the channel from other radio.
    IPCOM000239131D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-14
  4. 204.
    Solid dispersions are a promising formulation approach to overcome today’s major challenge in pharmaceutical formulation development: poorly soluble and/or poorly permeable active pharmaceutical ingredients (API – also commonly called biological active substance). Solid dispersions can be obtained by different...
    IPCOM000239130D | 2014-Oct-14
  5. 205.
    Metal-Oxide based gas sensors offer the possibility to integrate nose-like capabilities into several types of electronic devices. However, a challenge to answer is the intrinsic drift of this type of sensors that for many applications require complex periodic recalibration performed by professionals and generally...
    IPCOM000239127D | 2014-Oct-14
  6. 206.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing an advanced paste option in a text processing application.
    IPCOM000239126D | 2014-Oct-14
  7. 207.
    IPCOM000239125D | 2014-Oct-13
  8. 208.
    Disclosed are new Tin-Silver (SnAg) solder-joining method and process that reduces Tin oxides at the surface of SnAg solders.
    IPCOM000239124D | 2014-Oct-13
  9. 209.
    In automotive industry usually the car parts are pre-assembled far away of the place where the cars are finally assembled. During transport the preassembled parts have to withstand vibration and temperature changes without falling apart. A well-known problem is that during transport relays fell out of the fuse box...
    IPCOM000239122D | 2014-Oct-13
  10. 210.
    Usually the cover of a connector is delivered to harness maker with the lever assembled on it. This lever must be positioned on the cover, after wiring, in a fixed and correct position for the final assembly on the connector. To insure that the lever does not move from the delivery stage during the shipment operations...
    IPCOM000239121D | 2014-Oct-13