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  1. 211.
    The current connection method and device of connecting shielded high power cables is done in a cave for a spare wheel in a car. This method has some drawbacks. The cables come from different areas of the car to this position for been connected. These connections involve the + and - terminals and a shielding. While...
    IPCOM000239120D | 2014-Oct-13
  2. 212.
    A method and system is disclosed for regulating interactions between users based on intent of the interactions.
    IPCOM000239119D | 2014-Oct-13
  3. 213.
    Disclosed is a method to automate the creation and enhancement of reference data as part of a feedback loop during a standardization process.
    IPCOM000239118D | 2014-Oct-13
  4. 214.
    A method and system is disclosed for building a mood based prediction database using Electroencephalography (EEG) technology.
    IPCOM000239117D | 2014-Oct-13
  5. 215.
    Disclosed is a system that automatically groups documents by topics and features to reduce the amount of user effort required to organize and locate items. The system uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Content Analytics, and Predictive Analytics to analyze and group similar documents from a larger pool of...
    IPCOM000239116D | 2014-Oct-13
  6. 216.
    The invention proposes a technique for acquiring proximity detection feedback for computed tomography (CT) collimator. The technique includes a proximity sensing element used in conjunction with a multi-axis motion control solution. The sensing element detects explicit part presence at the area of interest rather than...
    IPCOM000239115D | 2014-Oct-13
  7. 217.
    IPCOM000239114D | 2014-Oct-13
  8. 218.
    The novel contribution is a method and system for Pseudo Monopolar Stimulation, or Common Ground + X stimulation, for cochlear implants. This approach reduces facial nerve stimulation, reduces impedance of stimulation, and reduces costs.
    IPCOM000239113D | 2014-Oct-13
  9. 219.
    A method and system is disclosed for actively monitoring an unattended child inside a vehicle using a mobile device and a child restraint mechanism. The method and system utilizes a mobile device paired with the child restraint mechanism. The child restraint mechanism includes a buckled and/or unbuckled seat locking...
    IPCOM000239108D | 2014-Oct-10
  10. 220.
    IPCOM000239107D | 2014-Oct-10