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  1. 221.
    A method is presented herein for providing NetFlow on demand. NetFlow is enabled on specific interfaces where unidentified (unknown) endpoints are connected. Once NetFlow is triggered and the endpoint is profiled, NetFlow is disabled on the interface.
    IPCOM000239106D | 2014-Oct-10
  2. 222.
    Presented herein are techniques to automatically create relevant and engaging views of conversation content. Metrics of content, user input, and external systems can be used to determine the best thumbnail view of content stored in a collaboration system.
    IPCOM000239105D | 2014-Oct-10
  3. 223.
    Paints containing associative rheology modifiers such as hydrophobically modified ethylene oxide urethane (HEUR), hydrophobically modified alkali soluble emulsion (HASE), and, hydrophobically modified hydroxylethyl cellulose (HMHEC) thickeners cause titanium dioxide (TiO2) particles to self-associate (crowd), which...
    IPCOM000239104D | 2014-Oct-10
  4. 224.
    IPCOM000239103D | 2014-Oct-10
  5. 225.
    Disclosed are methods and an apparatus for using solid-state drives (SSDs) as intermediary storage between the enterprise data warehouse and the client-side to enable users to make tradeoffs between data freshness, completeness, and relevance for better analysis performance.
    IPCOM000239102D | 2014-Oct-10
  6. 226.
    Disclosed are a method and system to use highlighting and color-coding on business analytics dashboards to provide cognitive and visual clues to the users to assist with accomplishing analytic tasks.
    IPCOM000239101D | 2014-Oct-10
  7. 227.
    Disclosed is a system designed to provide an incentive for regular carpooling while matching compatible car poolers based on social networks, taking into account each user's route.
    IPCOM000239100D | 2014-Oct-10
  8. 228.
    Disclosed is a framework to efficiently route a service request to multiple targets. The framework coordinates the multi-target services invocation by providing a default service result aggregator and allowing a service provider to plug in and take control of the services request.
    IPCOM000239099D | 2014-Oct-10
  9. 229.
    Disclosed is a problem determination tool, which, when run, selects an experimental configuration expected to produce the greatest amount of information based on the experiments that have run and any experiments that are currently running. It is primarily intended for use in a distributed machine farm to speed...
    IPCOM000239098D | 2014-Oct-10
  10. 230.
    Disclosed is a real-time system for monitoring customer walking patterns and flow in a physical store and alerting employees when a disruption or impediment is detected.
    IPCOM000239097D | 2014-Oct-10