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  1. 231.
    Disclosed is software for a mobile alarm application that relies on external data feeds that are used to adjust the alarm time. This software creates shifting alarms based on external dynamic data in addition to rich user-defined logic.
    IPCOM000239096D | 2014-Oct-10
  2. 232.
    Disclosed is a technique for integrating Java Util Concurrent (JUC) data capture as a core element of the Java Virtual Machine with little overhead.
    IPCOM000239095D | 2014-Oct-10
  3. 233.
    Disclosed is a new formulation of the Equal Risk Contribution (ERC) problem, related to portolio management,which can be solved with a computationally robust Second Order Conic Programming (SOCP) algorithm.
    IPCOM000239094D | 2014-Oct-10
  4. 234.
    Disclosed is an automated, self-learning system that identifies which areas, and at which times, are the most profitable for a mobile vendor. This allows the vendor to adjust routes in order to maximize profits.
    IPCOM000239093D | 2014-Oct-10
  5. 235.
    Disclosed is a method to provide cryptographic security to a biometric electronic signature by combining the captured biometric token and the hash value for the electronic document with a public key signature affixed by a server computer system.
    IPCOM000239092D | 2014-Oct-10
  6. 236.
    IPCOM000239091D | 2014-Oct-10
  7. 237.
    The invention proposes a technique for implementing bed tilt on infant warmers and incubators. The technique combines two tilt mechanisms to provide a low bed chassis height without giving up tilt range and continuous adjustment. The first mechanism includes using a center pivot bed with a continuous tilt mechanism...
    IPCOM000239090D | 2014-Oct-10
  8. 238.
    The present invention proposes a technique that provides flexibility to convert a warmer to an incubator. The technique includes a removable, transparent and disposable hood, which has umbrella like ribs to form desired shape. The hood is attached to the warmer like bassinet to form the incubator. This reduces expense...
    IPCOM000239089D | 2014-Oct-10
  9. 239.
    The present invention proposes a technique to provide effort free tilt for a fetal or maternal monitor utilized in emergency situations. The technique includes a friction hinge at appropriate location with respect to the display of the fetal or maternal monitors. Frictional torque offered by the hinge for display...
    IPCOM000239087D | 2014-Oct-10
  10. 240.
    The present invention proposes a technique to measure pressure and control frequency in a bubble continuous positive airway pressure continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. The technique includes a bubble CPAP continuous positive airway pressure (PEEP) generator with a PEEP tube in the bubble CPAP therapy....
    IPCOM000239086D | 2014-Oct-10