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  1. 241.
    The present invention proposes a technique to switch between multiple ultrasound channels to monitor multiple fetuses. The technique includes an analog switch with certain characteristics to switch between multiple ultrasound channels to monitor multiple fetuses. The analog switches are utilized to isolate an...
    IPCOM000239085D | 2014-Oct-10
  2. 242.
    Software as a service (SaaS) is a software delivery and licensing model based on subscription basis. The advantage of such approach is to lower initial cost, get high adoption, and have seamless integration and painless upgrades. The popularity of SaaS solutions is increasing because of the lower software deployment...
    IPCOM000239084D | 2014-Oct-10
  3. 243.
    The present invention proposes a technique to minimize chances of hacking or rooting of a medical device to any custom operating system. The technique includes control or limit software upgrade, which is utilized by a custom interface between a third party backend or tablet solution and a developed board. If backend...
    IPCOM000239083D | 2014-Oct-10
  4. 244.
    The present innovation is aimed at providing an automated review tool for XQuery & MarkLogic Code. The tool identifies a standard set of rules and guidelines. The tool further uses a derived rule set based on review comments shared by Leads and Architects.
    IPCOM000239082D | 2014-Oct-10
  5. 245.
    The present innovation is aimed at providing a machine learning based predictive model for analyzing the sentiments in short texts. Generally, sentiment analysis using machine learning techniques comprises the steps of pre – processing input content, extracting features from the input content and building a...
    IPCOM000239081D | 2014-Oct-10
  6. 246.
    The present innovation is aimed at transgressing the existing limitation in mobile telephony in context to upgrading and/or updating applications (apps) in mobile devices. In order to change the inherent features of an application completely the application needs to be upgraded as per existing technology. However,...
    IPCOM000239080D | 2014-Oct-10
  7. 247.
    IPCOM000239079D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-10
  8. 248.
    Information about the location of a catheter tip within the body is valuable for preforming Intra-Vascular UltraSound imaging (IVUS), as is true for a pressure guide wire relaying relevant physiologic information about the vessel. A medical ultrasonic imaging/pressure or flow measurement device utilizes a...
    IPCOM000239078D | 2014-Oct-09
  9. 249.
    Disclosed is a system that integrates ultraviolet light emitters into a laptop body and utilizes those emitters to sanitize a keyboard.
    IPCOM000239077D | 2014-Oct-09
  10. 250.
    Present day electronic devices are very complex, accommodating lots of functionality but with low area and low power consumption. All these complex functions are generally achieved by doing more operations in less time (increasing the speed) and less data exchange and processing at that speed. As a result of high...
    IPCOM000239076D | 2014-Oct-09