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  1. 251.
    AMBA-AHB/AXI interface is widely used as the main interconnect bus in a SoC. With increasing complexity of SoCs, there is a need for atomic access in terms of cost and performance. One atomic access type – address-lock type is proposed to support critical/non-critical data access simultaneously according to address...
    IPCOM000239075D | 2014-Oct-09
  2. 252.
    IPCOM000239074D | 2014-Oct-09
  3. 253.
    The article describes hardware accelerated cube aggregation in the Massive Parallel Processing datawarehouse environment as a support for BI operations.
    IPCOM000239073D | 2014-Oct-09
  4. 254.
    In functional verification, it is often desirable to investigate closely a given scenario (e.g. by generating an all events trace of all signals). Such a scenario might be a rare case. If such a scenario occurs sporadically during regression runs, the user might not get a hold of such an occurrence, because in...
    IPCOM000239072D | 2014-Oct-09
  5. 255.
    A current problem of storage area networks that are growing in importance because of IT clouds, are hard disks reliability. The current state of art does not allow to forecast hard disks lifetime based on their current status, only general estimation are available based on hard disks data sheets. The outage of...
    IPCOM000239071D | 2014-Oct-09
  6. 256.
    IPCOM000239070D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-09
  7. 257.
    Present disclosure relates to improved design for mounting arrangement of cleaning fan housing in harvester. This new mounting arrangement is flexible and arranged in such way that it will reduce stress on fan housing. This design improves reliability of the machine with no additional cost. In conventional design fan...
    IPCOM000239069D | 2014-Oct-08
  8. 258.
    The invention proposes a technique to perform in-situ inspection and repair to gear teeth inside a gearbox. The technique includes a design and development of a compact robotic system to perform in-situ inspection and repair to the gear teeth inside the gearbox. The compact robotic system reduces expense of the...
    IPCOM000239068D | 2014-Oct-08
  9. 259.
    A method and system for retargeting product sales based on video views is disclosed. The method and system collects video viewing data of one or more users. If the videos prominently show up one or more products in some frames, the products are tagged. A tagged product is automatically matched with similar products...
    IPCOM000239067D | 2014-Oct-08
  10. 260.
    Unmanned vehicles are increasingly being used in a number of applications. In recent times, the use of unmanned vehicles to ship and deliver a product has come up in a big way for quick and timely delivery of the product. The problem associated with current method is the customer has to pre-pay the amount of the...
    IPCOM000239066D | 2014-Oct-08