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  1. 261.
    Functional Validation plays a key role in processor development and bringup phase. Considering the tremendous growth in processors design and technology, it is becoming hard to functionally validate all the features of the microprocessor in a short time. Also the existing validation techniques like formal...
    IPCOM000239062D | 2014-Oct-07
  2. 262.
    The use of wearable devices in aircraft management has come up in a big way in recent times. Wearable devices augment user interaction by providing them context-specific information that does not have to be explicitly pulled by the users and also by allowing them to multitask. This paper proposes the use of a wearable...
    IPCOM000239060D | 2014-Oct-07
  3. 263.
    Various implementations provide a system automatically providing recommendations of images, such as photos and videos, to delete from a user's collection. In various examples, the system can examine characteristics of images and score the images. Based on the scores, the system presents a subset of the images to a...
    IPCOM000239057D | 2014-Oct-06
  4. 264.
    Mobile applications can be developed on an electronic device using a mobile application development system. The system uses a number of well-defined mobile application classes for building a mobile application. Mobile application classes are categories of mobile applications that can be generated, e.g., hotel booking,...
    IPCOM000239056D | 2014-Oct-06
  5. 265.
    A digital goods purchase system provides a streamlined purchase of digital goods. The system receives a scanned code associated with a digital good to be purchased by a user. On receiving the scanned code, the system identifies a unique digital good ID and a cryptocurrency payment address included in the scanned code....
    IPCOM000239055D | 2014-Oct-06
  6. 266.
    IPCOM000239054D | 2014-Oct-06
  7. 267.
    Modern retail processes are becoming heavily data driven. Retailers therefore have a strong interest in numerous customer and store metrics such as queue lengths, experience time in-store and drive-through, specific order timing, order accuracy, and customer response. Event timing is currently established with some...
    IPCOM000239053D | 2014-Oct-06
  8. 268.
    A paper-based diagnostic device is a portable biomedical device made of paper, wax, and reagents that can analyze biochemical assays in test fluids such as blood, urine and saliva. The devices are small, lightweight, and low-cost and have potential applications as diagnostic devices in fields such as healthcare,...
    IPCOM000239052D | 2014-Oct-06
  9. 269.
    Manual password entry at a User Interface is common in Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) or Purchase Kiosks. Since these are located in public places, there is a risk of the password being observed or recorded by an unknown person who might use the password later for fraudulent purposes. While entering the password...
    IPCOM000239051D | 2014-Oct-06
  10. 270.
    IPCOM000239050D | 2014-Oct-06