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  1. 271.
    The EGTS aircraft taxiing system (EGTS) employs light weight electric motors mounted on the Main Landing Gear (MLG) of the aircraft to taxi the aircraft prior to takeoff and after landing. The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) supplies electric power to the motors and additionally supplies compressed air to drive pneumatic...
    IPCOM000239048D | 2014-Oct-06
  2. 272.
    In this paper we present an embedded die in exposed pad QFP packages where the height difference between the die and the leads is minimized, which allows reduction in wire payout and improvements in wire sweep. The ground ring is also placed at the same plane as the die flag, which can then be held down by vacuum and...
    IPCOM000239047D | 2014-Oct-03
  3. 273.
    The complexity of SoC architecture is increasing these days. Past products had a pin for voltage input but now we have a combination of internal and external voltage regulation (with multiple voltage levels) offered on the same IC along with a requirement that the SoC be power sequence independent. Customers also...
    IPCOM000239046D | 2014-Oct-03
  4. 274.
    Docking system is of vital importance in the HP93K platform, the precision, flexibility and stability of the docking system directly influence production test efficiency. This paper introduces a tester & handler auto docking system based on infrared measurement principle. It uses an infrared emitter-receiver as a...
    IPCOM000239045D | 2014-Oct-03
  5. 275.
    This document describes a circuit for producing uniform stress on all memory logic during burn-in test using memory built in self-test (MBIST) that doesn’t require a change in memory design. Devices under burn-in stress can have repaired or non-repaired memories. If a device has a repaired memory then only the...
    IPCOM000239044D | 2014-Oct-03
  6. 276.
    This paper describe an adaptive Boundary-scan chain architecture which automatically bypass Boundary-scan cells whose I/O are not bonded out (referred as “conditional I/O”) in small packages. A detection circuit to distinguish conditional I/O and their boundary scan cells is introduced so that boundary scan chain can...
    IPCOM000239043D | 2014-Oct-03
  7. 277.
    An injection moulding system, water jet cutting machine or other industrial system has a synthetically controlled variable displacement fluid working machine which outputs hydraulic fluid to one or more fluid consumers, such as rams or hydraulic motors, through hydraulically stiff fluid retaining volumes and receives...
    IPCOM000239042D | 2014-Oct-03
  8. 278.
    A method and system is disclosed for controlling guest operating system using a covert channel.
    IPCOM000239041D | 2014-Oct-03
  9. 279.
    Presented is a method termed “ghost comments”, whereby comments are inserted into code based on look-up of the referenced imports or functions being called. These comments are read only, in a different visual style to other comments, and can be toggled on or off to reduce code clutter. The comments can be...
    IPCOM000239040D | 2014-Oct-03
  10. 280.
    The article herein discloses a method that makes seamless looking animation in a mash-up type solution that contains technologies that have been designed for different use cases, graphical and form based interaction. The key idea here is to use a geometric projection of the form based elements into the graphical...
    IPCOM000239039D | 2014-Oct-03