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    Described is the inventory acquisition of distributed device components and component associations within a virtual fabric.
    IPCOM000239323D | 2014-Oct-29
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    A single layer flexible polyurethane foam comprises the reaction product of an isocyanate component and an isocyanate-reactive component. The isocyanate-reactive component may be a polyether polyol. The isocyanate component may be MDI, TDI, or a combination thereof. The isocyanate component and the isocyanate-reactive...
    IPCOM000239322D | 2014-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000239321D | 2014-Oct-29
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    Disclosed is a method which can perform several scans to programs and identify security issues. It can scan programs and tables, checking and mapping them to the desired transaction codes. As this solution aims to be a complete security package, authorization checks are also placed into consideration. The main...
    IPCOM000239320D | 2014-Oct-29
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    Disclosed is a method related photo name customizing method and the core ideas are 1) Identify location and collect its environmental factors by using GPS, 2) Associate each picture taken by cameras with the present location information, 3) Store them in a repository like thumb database, and 4) Rename pictures...
    IPCOM000239319D | 2014-Oct-29
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    Disclosed is a Smart power management which is a method that can balance power management and achieve power management optimization for mobile devices. This can be done by assigning applications into different category, defining the basic threshold for each category based on their priority, and then restricting...
    IPCOM000239318D | 2014-Oct-29
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    Disclosed is a method and a system which adopts a new technology, tactile texture based recognition, which uses the principle of attraction between electrical charges has surfaced in the market. This technology allows users to feel and touch different type of surface texture despite a flat screen. To use the...
    IPCOM000239317D | 2014-Oct-29
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    Disclosed idea is a method which can automatically adjust UI layout for mobile/wearable device. By using this idea, it is not only to change the whole UI layout into vertical or horizontal, but also can modify to subtle angle change. The angle for each of applications icons/labels can be retrieved by using the...
    IPCOM000239316D | 2014-Oct-29
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    Disclosed is a method and system for detecting the width and length of objectes using cameras. The core idea is utilizing the distance data stored in EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) formatted graphic files so that we can virtually put the "reference objects" on the same plane which a "target object" sits on...
    IPCOM000239315D | 2014-Oct-29
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    A method to move the blocking game descriptive text/graph, menu, and other buttons to a separated screen on another mobile device, so that the main device screen can be enlarged and display the game with full screen.
    IPCOM000239314D | 2014-Oct-29