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    E-mail is a well known communication channel for collaboration in day to day business operations. In most of the Organizations, multiple users share the same computer to access individual mail client. E-mail users save the attachments received through e-mail to a file system without securing the attachments. This...
    IPCOM000239303D | 2014-Oct-28
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    Technique for recipient controlled digested format of relevant emails to increase efficiency In corporate and personal lives, people spend a lot of time in reading and going to email which they may or may not care about too much. In such cases they are marked in "to" or "cc" field for various reasons, but they ...
    IPCOM000239302D | 2014-Oct-28
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    The disclosure proposes a technique to analyze the trends within a social circle of an individual across application and which is more relevant to that individual rather than a generic region based trend. The proposed technique automatically collects, analyzes and display social trends to user from her custumized...
    IPCOM000239301D | 2014-Oct-28
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    The article describes a technique for analyzing terms and conditions in license for user acceptance using Natural Language Processing(NLP) tools for benefit of buyers and sellers.
    IPCOM000239300D | 2014-Oct-28
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    This article shows statistics of people who are seeing the current slide for web conferencing based systems. This helps presenters adjust their speed for the situations when lot of people are having latency issues.
    IPCOM000239299D | 2014-Oct-28
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    This publication outlines a technique to comprehensively (or intelligently) wait for a lock under contention, by leveraging the instantaneous progression information of the lock owner. It also shows how this approach leads to optimal usage of computer resources by threads participating in locking, and thereby...
    IPCOM000239298D | 2014-Oct-28
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    IPCOM000239297D | 2014-Oct-28
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    Selecting a correct frac sand or proppant to be used in a conventional hydraulic fracturing treatment is vitally important. A thorough evaluation of the proppant is required to ensure the selected proppant is correct and proper for the treatment. Among various evaluation methods, crushing of proppant is an important...
    IPCOM000239296D | 2014-Oct-27
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    IKEv2 protocol does not handle dynamic NAT scenarios. Because of this the traffic sent over the IPsec SA will either be dropped or does not reach the peer security gateway. This can be frustrating as user may not understand about the problem. The paper addresses this problem and proposes a method to ensure that...
    IPCOM000239295D | 2014-Oct-27
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    We propose a methodology to automate test and characterize multiple lanes simultaneously on the same test bench with a focus on receiver testing such as receiver jitter tolerance, and receiver sensitivity. The methodology includes automated test and characterization of the receiver on multiple lanes, parallel testing...
    IPCOM000239294D | 2014-Oct-27