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    A method and system is disclosed for dynamically improvising content readability to adhere temporary social media principles based on a recipient's visual literacy index.
    IPCOM000239293D | 2014-Oct-27
  2. 52.
    IPCOM000239292D | 2014-Oct-27
  3. 53.
    Cavitation is defined as the process of formation and disappearance of the vapor phase of a liquid when it is subjected to reduced and subsequently increased pressures. Cavitation will occur when the net pressure in the fluid is less than the vapor pressure of the fluid. Typically for hydraulic reciprocating pumps...
    IPCOM000239291D | 2014-Oct-27
  4. 54.
    Current cement spacer systems containing diutan gum lose viscosity due to degradation of the biopolymer around 300 F. With the addition of sodium thiosulfate, the retention of viscosity is possible for longer periods of times and higher temperatures. As seen below, the temperature is ramped up to 300F and helf for 30...
    IPCOM000239290D | 2014-Oct-27
  5. 55.
    Automated mobile activity (without signal transmission) or location recognition (using Wi-Fi) of an Android user (called user) within an Aircraft and corresponding notifications to preferred callers.
    IPCOM000239289D | 2014-Oct-27
  6. 56.
    Exporting & Importing set of instant messaging contacts or groups (which may contain multiple contacts or multiple subgroups) and can share with other instance messaging users using messaging direct send or via direct email to individual or group of folks.
    IPCOM000239288D | 2014-Oct-27
  7. 57.
    This disclosure relates to a plastic bushing capable of compensating for tolerances in both the axial and the radial directions. The radial compensator means includes arms which are compressed when the bushing is inserted into an aperture. The arms are arranged and dimensioned such that when they are compressed,...
    IPCOM000239287D | 2014-Oct-27
  8. 58.
    The objective is to initiate a private chat without having to check if the recipient's screen is exposed to on-lookers. The intended system shall maintain this status so that there is no dependency on any individual to know whether the recipient is on a private screen. The mechanism to detect the existence of on...
    IPCOM000239286D | 2014-Oct-27
  9. 59.
    The article talks about usage of employee status updates as a data source for locating experts within an organization in real time. When an expertise locator query is run, instead of running the complete search operation against all employees of the organization, it proposes to first identify a subset of employees...
    IPCOM000239285D | 2014-Oct-27
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    XML parsers are extensively used in the enterprise environments where (large) data (payload) from disparate systems are exchanged in the form of XML data. Since the XML data arrives to enterprise runtime from several external sources, the size of the payload is unpredictable, parsing such a data can lead to memory...
    IPCOM000239284D | 2014-Oct-27