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    IPCOM000239744D | 2014-Nov-30
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    It has been noted that targeted advertising secured an average of 2.7 times as much revenue per advert compared to traditional online advertising. These systems make use of online activities of consumers to identify what a user has previously purchased, looked at or interacted with. Despite the success in...
    IPCOM000239743D | 2014-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000239742D | 2014-Nov-28
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    This technical disclosure proposes a new stiffener design for joining of two metallic sheets or components for structural integrity using adhesive. Adhesive joining is becoming increasingly attractive due to their superior aesthetics needed for the body panels as well as elimination of weld distortion issues for...
    IPCOM000239741D | 2014-Nov-28
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    L'invention concerne un capteur de cliquetis pour moteur à combustion interne ; L'invention propose un capteur de cliquetis palliant les inconvénients de l'art antérieur. L'invention propose une entretoise entre le capteur de cliquetis et la vis M6 (figure 2) permettant de centrer et de maintenir la vis M6 dans le...
    IPCOM000239740D | 2014-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000239739D | 2014-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000239738D | 2014-Nov-28
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    The disclosure describes a kind of smart cabinet which consists of electric device and electronic cabinet management system. The smart cabinet can automatically classify the goods according to its size, usage and use frequency etc, also can automatically put the goods into big or small free slots. The smart...
    IPCOM000239737D | 2014-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000239736D | 2014-Nov-28
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    The nets stretched in airplanes, especially in cargo space, to hold some objects, such as luggage, are hooked on aircraft structure by metal elements that can damage the structure when the net is expanded to be stored. The described solution proposes to add elastic bands transversely and parallel to the grid of the...
    IPCOM000239735D | 2014-Nov-27