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  1. 91.
    Disclosed is a wearable finger cap device used in conjunction with a mobile device and Bluetooth communications to convey to a user the physical properties of digital objects.
    IPCOM000239654D | 2014-Nov-21
  2. 92.
    Disclosed is a system that employs several methods to allow a user who anticipates underutilization of a limited data plan to gift or transfer some or all of the unused data allotment to another user. One method makes use of a third party broker; another method calculates a potential optimal dollar value of the...
    IPCOM000239653D | 2014-Nov-21
  3. 93.
    A method and system is disclosed for dynamically adjusting a platform that provides for evening out a leg length from a patient's hip to the floor. The method and system utilizes one or more weight sensors on the platform that communicate with a central processing unit (CPU) for dynamically adjusting the leg length.
    IPCOM000239652D | 2014-Nov-21
  4. 94.
    Various techniques are described for high resolution charged particle beam processing. In-situ lamella preparation is improved using a lamella having one edge at a non-normal angle to facilitate attaching the lamella to a TEM grid in an orientation that reduces curtaining artifacts while thinning. A navigation...
    IPCOM000239651D | 2014-Nov-21
  5. 95.
    The proposed system is designed to cool individual electronics components by pumping a suspension consisting of particles of a phase change material and a carrier-fluid through a system of channels. Connected to these channels are electronics components that create high power losses and therefore require a good heat...
    IPCOM000239650D | 2014-Nov-21
  6. 96.
    This solution uses a user as an interface to select an object connected to the Internet. Using location awareness coupled with motion detection and triangulation technologies, e.g., compass-based directions, gyroscopes, skeleton detection, etc., the user can simply point to the desired object and be presented with...
    IPCOM000239649D | 2014-Nov-21
  7. 97.
    IPCOM000239648D | 2014-Nov-21
  8. 98.
    The present invention proposes a technique for a loop check activity to ensure loop integrity in an industry. The technique includes automatic input/output loop check and provides a detailed loop check report to a user. Loop check report allows the user to determine and correct the issues easily. Implementation of...
    IPCOM000239647D | 2014-Nov-21
  9. 99.
    The article describes a visualization method of displaying IT infrastructure topologies providing overview of all other topologies that each item of current topology is part of and allowing quick and easy navigation to any other related topology (switch of viewing perspective).
    IPCOM000239646D | 2014-Nov-21
  10. 100.
    Gegenstand der Erfindung ist ein generatives Verfahren zur Herstellung von Formteilen aus Siliconelastomeren, dadurch charakterisiert, dass eine Siliconkautschukmasse Tropfen für Tropfen platziert und mittels elektromagnetischer Strahlung vernetzt wird.
    IPCOM000239645D | 2014-Nov-21