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    A method of making a metal panel assembly (e.g. a hem flange) by using a structural adhesive film is described. Especially how a structural adhesive film should be applied to the metal parts during the method of making the metal assembly is disclosed.
    IPCOM000239734D | 2014-Nov-27
  2. 12.
    Frequency control in power grids is traditionally done by power generation units. If the frequency in the grid drops, generation of power is increased. If the frequency rises, generation is reduced. Other demand management techniques like load shedding are also used in frequency control. It is suggested to use...
    IPCOM000239733D | 2014-Nov-27
  3. 13.
    Abstract A way to use pictures taken from a phone camera and automatically saving with a linked text (editable later) to create full document called Photo-notes. An end “Photo-note” would be a single document having Pictures along with related text that could be printed or shared or stored for reference.
    IPCOM000239732D | 2014-Nov-27
  4. 14.
    Abstract: A unique set of left and right click of mouse (or mouse like interface) to authenticate a user to login or go further instead of typing something. Applicable where a keyboard (Sometimes Monitor also) is not required for running the application or machine.
    IPCOM000239731D | 2014-Nov-27
  5. 15.
    More and more interactions/collaborations between employees, Line of Businesses(LoBs), partners, and users are driven by business out-comes 1. Multiple activities/meetings (with one-or-more participants in different time zones) with dependencies and concurrency constraints, deadlines, deliverables, etc 2. ...
    IPCOM000239730D | 2014-Nov-27
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    This is to allow sender to configure various follow up and escalation attributes at the time of email document creation. This is about, setting up escalation or follow up people, the escalation or follow up email contect when the email response is overdue. It also describes that the email server should release the...
    IPCOM000239729D | 2014-Nov-27
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    Article below describes a consulting methodology of solving the issue of finding the true personalized motivation theory of a company using workforce analytics. This to determine whether a factor is statistically important to the employees of the company using the help of computer science. The advantage is that it...
    IPCOM000239728D | 2014-Nov-27
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    Title : One time Image password authentication based on an Indexing order There is always trade-off between security and usability in web applications/mobile/systems. Authentication is a mechanism to validate user credentials before allowing a user to login into the system. Each authentication has its own...
    IPCOM000239727D | 2014-Nov-27
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    "Automate everything" has been a key focus area for project teams for some time now. As a result teams have developed thousands of automated test cases and suites which is really helping in optimizing the test execution cycle. However, just automating the test cases is not sufficient !! Instead project teams need...
    IPCOM000239726D | 2014-Nov-27
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    A mechanism which allows users to work continously when LDAP server is down, provided- 1. The application uses LDAP authentication. 2. No Stand By LDAP server in place.
    IPCOM000239725D | 2014-Nov-27