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    Disclosed is a system that optimizes the creation of distribution lists by analyzing the natural language of artifacts created by a user, generating a model, evaluating the model against the entire system of user-generated content, and then automatically establishing a distribution list for the common model elements. ...
    IPCOM000239714D | 2014-Nov-26
  2. 32.
    Orchestrating Conditional Commenting
    IPCOM000239713D | 2014-Nov-26
  3. 33.
    A method and system is disclosed for automatically creating online communities based on collaboration artifacts.
    IPCOM000239712D | 2014-Nov-26
  4. 34.
    Disclosed is a system that allows users to set a prioritization for the automatic cleanup of information in a social space using explicitly set priorities and tags to associate information with a particular project.
    IPCOM000239711D | 2014-Nov-26
  5. 35.
    Disclosed is a method to allow a social network user to show or hide a social media post based on a friend’s feedback.
    IPCOM000239710D | 2014-Nov-26
  6. 36.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing a navigation history widget to users for social activity streaming.
    IPCOM000239709D | 2014-Nov-26
  7. 37.
    The disclosure is about a tool for applying sheets of a tape or die cuts of a tape, e.g. a MST (melt sealing tape) or a structural adhesive film.
    IPCOM000239708D | 2014-Nov-26
  8. 38.
    This article relates to a plate, which can be fixed to a structure, and that allow the attachment of a route. All types of routes with a diameter <50mm can be attached directly to the plate using a tie-wrap.
    IPCOM000239707D | 2014-Nov-26
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    Customers must continually bring new application versions into production to fix bugs or provide new end-user capability. This is most usually done at a time of low traffic e.g. the weekend. However, some critical updates must be made outside these regular service windows and with increasing global and 24x7 access...
    IPCOM000239706D | 2014-Nov-26
  10. 40.
    Embodiment suggests better ways to connect to the mobile network using the BlueTooth connection medium. In todays world of smart phone, mobile users face problems such as "Out of coverage" or "weak network signal" while using our mobile phones at different places like home, office, hotels, during travel etc. Most...
    IPCOM000239705D | 2014-Nov-26