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    Auto search of relative text in screenshots that are attached in the attachments field of service request form and get possible solution before raising it to Product Support team to reduce resolution time.
    IPCOM000239704D | 2014-Nov-26
  2. 42.
    Performance Improvement of Write Operations in Geographic Logical Volume Manager
    IPCOM000239703D | 2014-Nov-26
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    While debugging network traffic, at times it is important to find out the process or thread to whom this packet is likely to be delivered. This article presents one possible framework to achieve the mentioned, keeping the efficiency perspective into consideration.
    IPCOM000239702D | 2014-Nov-26
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    ● Change list from „whitelist“ to „blacklist“ in DFMD ● Add a 4 Byte field (i.e. After secondary controlling FCF) containing flags. One bit switches mode from white list to black list. In case a blacklist is configured each FCDF is allowed to join the fabric excluding the mentioned ones. ● Empty list...
    IPCOM000239701D | 2014-Nov-26
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    To verify the authenticity of the other peer, the SMB 2.0 protocol gives us a functionality where we can use the session key obtained during authentication to digitally sign the packet and send it over to the other peer where it can be verified using the same session key. During protocol negotiation, the state...
    IPCOM000239700D | 2014-Nov-26
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    Principles and embodiments here provide techniques for service delivery system transformation based on an optimization model to solve the investment scheduling problem. The objective of optimization problem is to identify the space (service component) and time (weekly basis) for new investment so as to meet the...
    IPCOM000239699D | 2014-Nov-26
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    Question Answering systems ingest different corpus by processing the documents in different ways and creating different types of artifacts. For example using structure of document, semantics of documents, tables and many more. The way a given question is analyzed to find an answer depends on the underlying...
    IPCOM000239698D | 2014-Nov-26
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    • One of the fundamental design choice in cloud is placing VMs on the physical infrastructure • Multiple objectives to keep in mind (varies across customers) – Ensure servers/storage/network is optimally utilized – Ensure application performance is met – Ensure...
    IPCOM000239697D | 2014-Nov-26
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    Disclosed are a system and method that uses Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication to inform drivers of potentially dangerous drivers in the area.
    IPCOM000239696D | 2014-Nov-25
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    Disclosed herein is a process for the preparation of biapenem.
    IPCOM000239695D | 2014-Nov-25