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    IPCOM000239694D | 2014-Nov-25
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    See attached PPT which contains all the details of the disclosure. In essence, a neighbour of a loaded cell will report, on request, the distribution of PRB usage within its coverage to the loaded cell.
    IPCOM000239693D | 2014-Nov-25
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    Emulium Mellifera is an innovative emulsifier and texture agent designed for cosmetics. This document contains many new examples of formulations for suncare, facial photoprotection, skincare and color cosmetics.
    IPCOM000239692D | 2014-Nov-25
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    a method for generation of high-level language constructs to represent and operate on nodes of a complex data structure is disclosed.
    IPCOM000239691D | 2014-Nov-25
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    The proposal is a chock used to prop the aircraft for ground operations at the airport. The chock is a dual dihedral angle and includes one contaminated side and one non-contaminated side. A movable indicator (such as a flag) is also proposed to help the user install correctly the chock. This chock allows an efficient...
    IPCOM000239690D | 2014-Nov-25
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    The present invention proposes a technique to measure phase error resulting from eddy current effects and other effects separately in a fast spin echo (FSE) sequences. The technique includes a model to predict phase error based on gradient applied during imaging by measuring phase error directly. Therefore, there is...
    IPCOM000239689D | 2014-Nov-25
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    The present invention proposes a technique to provide airflow for cooling in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan room. The technique includes a cold head structure with a motor to provide rotational motion to a mechanical structure. One pulley is mounted on the cold head motor to transfer rotational motion to the...
    IPCOM000239688D | 2014-Nov-25
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    The present invention proposes a technique to utilize acquired data which contributes to an improved final positron emission tomography (PET) image volume. The technique includes regularized image reconstruction to allow smooth image data of gates nearby to a quiescent gate. The technique includes deriving non-rigid...
    IPCOM000239687D | 2014-Nov-25
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    The present invention proposes a technique to dissipate or transfer heat from an x-ray tube component in the computed tomography (CT) system. The technique utilizes impregnated foam thermal composite in other thermal active CT system components such as spiral groove bearing (SGB) shaft, collector, magnet yoke/base,...
    IPCOM000239686D | 2014-Nov-25
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    The invention proposes a technique to determine whether two multimodal image volumes with different field of view coverage are to be registered or not. The technique includes an automatic analysis of a matrix and classifies whether features generated from the matrix are to be registered or not. For instance when an...
    IPCOM000239685D | 2014-Nov-25