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  1. 61.
    Disclosed is related to a method and system to login to system using a preference wallet based on risk.
    IPCOM000239684D | 2014-Nov-25
  2. 62.
    The invention proposes a technique to filter high-energy exposures in a spectral imaging mode during an x-ray computed tomography. The technique includes a segmented ring, which rotates independent of a gantry to filter high-energy exposures in the x-ray computed tomography. The segmented ring includes alternate...
    IPCOM000239683D | 2014-Nov-25
  3. 63.
    An AFS including a diverging feed hole is described herein. An AFS including a multiple stepped feed hole is also described herein.
    IPCOM000239682D | 2014-Nov-24
  4. 64.
    Multi-direction deflection limiters for main shaft soft bearing support housings are described herein.
    IPCOM000239681D | 2014-Nov-24
  5. 65.
    A method and system for verifying user identity and possession of a card is disclosed. The method and system provides an alternative and secure approach of verification by analyzing user response performance for a challenge used to verify user identity.
    IPCOM000239680D | 2014-Nov-24
  6. 66.
    This idea proposes a method to build a robust engagement analysis classifier that can be applied to various domains by incrementally sampling a domain specific dataset to augment a baseline training set using the same classification feature sets. The method leverages the assumption that there are some commonalities in...
    IPCOM000239679D | 2014-Nov-24
  7. 67.
    Print providers are considering systems to increase users’ awareness of print usage and to motivate them to print responsibly, thereby conserving resources. This idea proposes gamification system badging to give substantive motivational feedback to users of a system to increase awareness of print usage. The idea...
    IPCOM000239678D | 2014-Nov-24
  8. 68.
    This idea proposes a way of combining an electrostatic hold-down system and heater on a single printed wiring board (PWB) for use in a missing jet detection system. The proposed system loads thermal paper onto a cart and holds it in place using patterned electrodes which create an electrostatic field. After the ink...
    IPCOM000239677D | 2014-Nov-24
  9. 69.
    Remote sensing image analysis is increasingly used to characterize the physical condition of medical patients. This idea proposes a method used to detect and characterize a patient’s atrial fibrillation using a video camera. The proposal is a method to automatically tune the parameters of an arrhythmia detection...
    IPCOM000239676D | 2014-Nov-24
  10. 70.
    When studying a topic, a person usually has to consult multiple documents or sources. It is often the case that documents discussing the same topic do not use the same notation, variables or other terms. For example, two documents could show the same equation but in one a variable could be denoted as X and in the...
    IPCOM000239675D | 2014-Nov-24