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    Executive Summary: This publication relates to the flavor compositions in various ‘delivery systems’ such as liquid, spray dried and glassy encapsulation matrices and their use in various food and beverage applications. The FMPs used and described in these documents...
    IPCOM000240463D | 2015-Jan-30
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    Presented herein are techniques to enable zooming-in on shared content viewed from a mobile user device during an online conference/meeting. Specifically, these techniques enable a user to zoom in on the shared content using a single finger on his/her mobile device.
    IPCOM000240462D | 2015-Jan-30
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    Polymer formulations in solvents having high flash points were manufactured by radical polymerization of alkyl(meth)acrylates in the presence of ethylene-vinyl ester copolymers in aromatic solvents having chain transfer properties. The formulations obtained may be used as pour point depressant for crude oil or...
    IPCOM000240461D | 2015-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000240460D | 2015-Jan-30
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    Executive Summary: This publication describes the process to prepare (E)-3-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-(4-methoxyphenethyl) acrylamide named “Ericamide” from 3,4-dimethoxy cinnamic acid and 4-methoxy phenethylamine in the presence of high boiling solvent like Limonene
    IPCOM000240459D | 2015-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000240458D | 2015-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000240457D | 2015-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000240456D | 2015-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000240454D | 2015-Jan-30
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    As per the 802.1ag standard, optional TLV’s are carried as part of IEEE 802.1ag packet. Basically LTM/LTR packets are meant to trace the path from source end point to destination end point. The idea is to enhance LTM/LTR packet to carry additional TLVs for a specified priority and VLAN, and to check for loss-less...
    IPCOM000240453D | 2015-Jan-30