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  1. 91.
    When incorporating Controlled Electrolytic Metallic (CEM) barriers into a drilling liner or sand control screen it is important that the fluid used to reach TD don't induce corrosion or premature dissolution of CEM. This method would incorporate cement spacer technology and cementing darts to place a limited amount of...
    IPCOM000240371D | 2015-Jan-27
  2. 92.
    Disclosed is a function that monitors the current fuel level in real time and alerts the driver through audio/visual cues when the vehicle needs fuel. The system also monitors the availability of fuel at certain gas stations, and can indicate when a station is not an option for refueling because the gas supply is low.
    IPCOM000240370D | 2015-Jan-27
  3. 93.
    The invention provides a non-naturally occurring microbial organism having a 6-aminocaproic acid, caprolactam, hexametheylenediamine or levulinic acid pathway. The microbial organism contains at least one exogenous nucleic acid encoding an enzyme in the respective 6-aminocaproic acid, caprolactam,...
    IPCOM000240369D | 2015-Jan-27
  4. 94.
    A microcontroller or system-on-a-chip (SOC) can emulate an EEPROM using the internal flash memory of the system. The system can implement a translation layer and a corresponding algorithm that uses a circular buffer in flash and keeps track of the indices of the buffer. The design can provide the benefit of enhanced...
    IPCOM000240368D | 2015-Jan-27
  5. 95.
    This document describes a methodology that, when applied to PCB designs, can result in a faster response time for a temperature sensor (TS) present inside a SOC or general purpose MCU. The design methodology can decrease the thermal resistance in the path of ambient temperature reaching the temperature sensor,...
    IPCOM000240367D | 2015-Jan-27
  6. 96.
    IPCOM000240366D | 2015-Jan-27
  7. 97.
    Disclosed is a method and system for extracting and suggesting business processes out of organization communication interaction.
    IPCOM000240365D | 2015-Jan-27
  8. 98.
    Ensuring high accuracy parameters on analog circuits is a common challenge in the semiconductor industry. The widely used approach is trimming the circuit parameters at two different temperatures. For this calibration temperature is applied from external requiring two different test insertions. This publication is...
    IPCOM000240364D | 2015-Jan-27
  9. 99.
    A sensor adaptor element for a differential pressure sensor, the sensor adaptor element being attachable to a ventilation installation, having a base element, and comprising or being adapted to create with a casing of the installation a pressure tapping duct with an inlet opening and with pressure tapping ports for...
    IPCOM000240363D | 2015-Jan-27
  10. 100.
    Currently the only device in a well capable of sealing off the open hole from the surface is the BOP. This idea would introduce an “in well” temporary sealing device that could be deployed from the BHA.
    IPCOM000240362D | 2015-Jan-27