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  1. 101.
    A novel way to get around problems with determining RMS windows to use is using an iterative RMS operator. So, instead of doing one single iteration of RMS, with a window-size of length n, one can (as an example) instead do three RMS operations with window length n/2.
    IPCOM000240361D | 2015-Jan-27
  2. 102.
    The idea is to introduce a free floating ring for removing debris from between the teeth of a feed wheel of a forest harvester head. In order to enable process twin stems, a wider measuring wheel should be used than normal. This has led to experiencing a common problem when working in certain wood types, and that is...
    IPCOM000240360D | 2015-Jan-27
  3. 103.
    IPCOM000240359D | 2015-Jan-27
  4. 104.
    Abstract: In system storage virtualization environment, storage can be grouped in to multiple classes (Tiers) and the free storage which is part of one tier can't shared with other tiers. If storage utilization on one tier is high and there is a free storage available with other Tiers, there exists a need to have...
    IPCOM000240358D | 2015-Jan-26
  5. 105.
    Proposed is a technique to view the realtime status of a user by leveraging integration of two powerful communication channels (social and mobile integration) This in terms would help in optimizing communication approach and reduce the cost on the caller.
    IPCOM000240357D | 2015-Jan-26
  6. 106.
    In this inventor, it is a generic adaptable and data driven automatic communication method & system based on instant messaging, which will execute a rule engine based on pre-defined task pattern of a designed business scenario to solve a real business problem. The adaptable communication system includes the following...
    IPCOM000240356D | 2015-Jan-26
  7. 107.
    A method is presented to allow an attendee to control the selective view of content during a desktop sharing session, allowing the attendee user to mask specified content being shared by a presenter.
    IPCOM000240355D | 2015-Jan-26
  8. 108.
    A method and system is disclosed for gathering and sending users’ usage analytics data in a restricted network to an external central server without compromising security of the restricted network. The method and system uses existing deployed network elements of the restricted network for gathering users’ usage...
    IPCOM000240354D | 2015-Jan-26
  9. 109.
    Disclosed is an interactive dispenser system that uses a rotary interface through which the consumer makes a selection by rotating a receptacle in communication with a dial.
    IPCOM000240353D | 2015-Jan-26
  10. 110.
    This solution is valid for permanent magnet generators (PMGs). The 1st start-up turbine should be based on PMG because DFIG or Induction Generator still need external energy source to initiate their rotor magnetizing current. It can be considered to use both PMG turbines and IG turbines in a same wind farm to deal...
    IPCOM000240352D | 2015-Jan-26